10 Alternatives to the Traditional White Wedding Cake

Gone are the days when wedding cakes were just single-tiered sponge cakes with white frostings. As fabulous wedding cakes have become a trend, contemporary cakes now have eye-catching designs and extravagant flavors that deserve a lot of attention and praise.

Here’s your guide to different wedding cake styles to help you decide on the look and taste of your cake that is visually exciting, wonderfully flavored, and appealing to your personal style and the taste of your guests.

1.  Vintage and Modern Lace Patterns

Ironically, a wedding cake in vintage lace pattern is a contemporary style, and one that will look beautiful in your wedding photos in the years to come. A cake in vintage lace is best in white, gold, or beige to match your dress. Keep it to one neutral hue for a minimalist look. You can bring a sample of the lace on your dress to your baker for inspiration or have them pattern your cake after your dress.

To achieve a modern look for laced cake, use bold colors and contrasting designs, such as a lavender cake with silver lace patterns. Or for a sophisticated interpretation, use black lace on white cake. You can also opt for a 3D lace fondant draped on your cake. Yet another contemporary approach is to mix and match lace with ribbons, pearls, crystals and other embellishments.


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2.  Delicate Ruffles

Delicate ruffles in fondant is another exciting trend to wedding cakes that is inspired by fabric frills of the bridal dress. It has become a popular wedding cake design because of its feminine texture that gives a more interesting shape to the cake. It is also visually refreshing because of its contrast with the usual smooth and sharply contoured shapes of cakes. The ruffles make a wonderful combination with both actual or fondant satin ribbon, as well as with pearls. The ruffles look lovely in pastel or a shade similar to the bridal dress.


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3.  Color it Mint or Pink

White or neutrals aren’t your only options for base colors for your wedding cakes. Mint and pink would lend it a more spectacular look, looking even more elegant with silver or gold accents. Their subtle shades make them a lovely color for the cake to complement the entire motif.  They also look perfect for an outdoor daytime wedding. These shades also go well with the lace and ruffles trends.


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4.  Rich and Vibrant Colors

If you want to go colorfully bold, then you’ll be glad to know that colorful wedding cakes is no longer considered tacky, and is even quite fashionable. And today, wedding cakes can go beyond two colors. If you cannot decide on picking just one or two colors because you love the entire rainbow then let them all color your cake. Rainbow colors are hot in 2D fondant accents, such as in cut-out hearts, stars, or flowers. For a spring or summer wedding, you can incorporate a garden theme to your wedding cake by filling it with colorful blooms, whether fresh in-season flowers or ones made of fondant.


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5.  Hand-Painted Designs

Hand painting is such a creative way to decorate your wedding cake. If you are an artistic bride, you might just love this trend. Painting is limitless when it comes to patterns and designs that make for a very attractive cake. From flowers to birds, bold colors to muted shades, hand painting on cake makes it an artful presentation of your wedding motif or, even better, your love story. It all depends on your inspiration. This trend definitely makes your cake extra special.


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6.  Fruity Flavors

Regarding flavor, vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet are still favorites. However, in recent times, the flavor palette for wedding cakes has become more adventurous with the addition of fruity fillings such as passion fruit and mango. If you can’t decide on just one flavor, how about a flavor for each layer? To help you decide on which flavor, do not miss the cake tasting. Try out new and unusual flavors and you might discover a new favorite. Ask your baker what their specialty is or their featured flavor and see if you can combine it with your favorite to create interesting layers of flavors.


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7.  Tall and Slender

Enormous cakes with gigantic bases are out of fashion. Modern cakes go instead for height and slenderness, with a sleeker overall appearance. The base, instead of being wide and thick, is cut into a more compact shape and size, making all the succeeding tiers smaller. The good thing about this is that your cake won’t have to occupy too much space. Cakes also go only as high as three layers, setting aside the ridiculous height of four or more layers.


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8.  Naked Cake

This trend is particularly exciting as it deconstructs the basic composition of a cake. While typically a lot of attention is given on the icing with all the designs and frills, here comes a style that simply bares the layers and fillings of a cake! This is all about the cake really and not the frosting. But it works so well in achieving a romantic and rustic feel. Plus, the cake also looks lovely adorned with fruits, flowers, and cake topper sculptures. This trend subtly flaunts the flavor of your, cake making it more enticing to eat (with nobody feeling sorry for slicing a piece and “ruining” the design).


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9.  Ombré

Another interesting trend for wedding cake color is ombré. Go monochromatic with your cake in gradual gradation from top to bottom. You can have either the top or the bottom of your cake to have a darker shade. This color trend is flexible and can be easily be combined with other trends, such as with ruffles or with the hot colors of mint and pink. This also looks great with a one-piece accent for a minimalist and modern look. It’s a clever approach to adding color to the traditional white wedding cake.


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10.  Bird-Themed

Wedding cakes are not just about the lace, ruffles, pearls, crystals, and flowers; they’re also about the birds and the nest and the eggs. Bird-themed wedding cakes have also become very popular. They are great for a garden or backyard wedding with a laid back and rustic vibe. Bird’s nest or love birds make a wonderful accent to this wedding cake style. Now birds in wedding are not just released by the couple for joy, they can also land and even nest on your cake.


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