10 Basic Makeup Tips for Novice Brides

As a bride-to-be you don’t have to spend a few hundred dollars on a facial package to look beautiful on your wedding day! Sometimes all you need is a good skincare routine and some solid makeup techniques. Here are 10 timeless makeup tips for you to enjoy.


1.   Love Yourself

Examine yourself while standing in front of the mirror. Every woman has her good features, so do you! Make a list of what you want to accentuate and things you want to hide. Through this exercise, you know how much of effort is needed to make your complexion appear smooth and blemish free.

2.   Stay Healthy

Clear and smooth skin is the foundation for perfect makeup. While some brides follow a detox regime like the 3-day juice cleanse to get glowing skin, others may not be comfortable with detoxing. These brides-to-be can also choose to eat right, sleep well and drink lots of water to get beautiful skin instead. Exercising regularly also helps to make the skin appear more vital.

3.   Attend Makeup Classes

Watch makeup tutorials on Youtube or attend workshops to learn how to accentuate your features and select colours that suit your skin tone. Practise wearing makeup so you will feel more comfortable on your wedding day. This stops you from rubbing your eyes or blinking constantly.


4.   Shape Your Brows

Neat eyebrows help define your eyes, so it is a definite must if you want to make your eyes look bigger. You may want to consider getting a professional shape your brows. He or she will contour them in such a way that height and thickness compliment your face shape.

5.   Study Models with Similar Features

Referring to models with similar features and skin tones will give you a more realistic expectation of what you will look like with makeup on. Looking at the colour combinations used – especially for their eye shadow and lip sticks – can be very inspiring.

6.   Choose the Suitable Liquid Foundation

The foundation has to match your skin tone if you want your makeup to look good. To test whether a particular colour suitable, you need to apply a small amount along your jawline and see how you look under natural light. Sometimes you may have to blend two or more colours to get the right shade.

7.   Use Shimmer Sparingly

Only a small amount of shimmer is needed to get the desired effect. Always tap to shake off the excess powder on the brush before dusting the small area between your cheek bone and the outer corner of your eye lightly. Apply a silver powder if you are fair, but go for a copper or gold powder if you are tanned.


8.   Consider Waterproof Makeup

Weddings can be teary events, but don’t let a streak of mascara ruin the moment. Invest in waterproof makeup to prevent this from happening. At the very least ensure your mascara, eyeliner, eye primer and foundation will not wash away when you get weepy.

9.   Brush Over with Foundation Powder

Applying loose foundation powder gives your face a matt look. The dusting of powder also helps your liquid or cream foundation last longer. The best way to apply the powder would be to use a wide-brimmed brush and dust evenly all over. Before applying, make sure the powder and liquid foundations have a similar colour. Anything too light or too dark would be visible.

10.   Use Blush Not Rouge

A pop of light pink or orange make you looks livelier, but too much will make you look like fake. To apply it correctly, you need to smile to make the apples of your cheeks more prominent. Brush this area and then blend upwards towards your hairline. Keep brushing in this direction to make sure you are following the natural contour of your face.

These are just a few basic rules. Gradually you can move on to more advanced techniques as you become more comfortable. Keep practising and you will find your own unique style. Your favourite look need not be similar to what is in fashion! All that matters is that you love what you see in the mirror.

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