10 Key Tips for Visiting Wedding Venues

There are so many great and stunning wedding venues in Singapore, and you could easily get swept away with all the excitement when visiting them. It can be compared, somehow, to buying a new house – you have to fall in love with it, but also to look at it objectively. Here are the key tips to help you get the most out of your venue visitations.

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1. Visit venues when they’re in the process of setting up. Contact your shortlisted venues and schedule a site visitation while the venue is being setup for a wedding. This will make it easier for you to envision how the location will look like on your wedding. If this is impossible, still check the site in person and request to see some photos of previous weddings in the same size as your party.

2. Check which area is exclusive for you. If the venue is an open space or is open to the public, check which area is assigned for your event. As much as possible, you want the wedding to be exclusive and free from passers-by. Secure a site where you and your loved ones can enjoy an intimate gathering. Find out how the venue will secure the area and ensure that no uninvited will be able to join or witness your exclusive affair.

3. Prepare a list of must-ask questions. Making a list of questions will greatly help you in comparing potential wedding venues and avoid last-minute surprises. Knowing the needs of your wedding and your preferences will help you determine the information you need to gather. Perhaps, you want an extraordinary and grand entrance and arrive by helicopter. In this case, you need to make sure that the venue has a helipad.

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4. Decide who to tag along during venue visits. Whether you’re visiting venues in behalf of your friend, or your fiancé is currently away and cannot go with you during venue visits, you need to choose someone to join and help you on your quest. Decide who you think is the most helpful individual to go with you when visiting potential venues. Although your sister can be your best company when going shopping, she might not be very subjective when it comes to very important decision-making, like this one. Consider someone who can give honest opinions and has relevant ideas about this matter.

5. Avoid visiting too much venues in one day. Like finding a wedding gown, there’s so much to consider when visiting one site. The best thing to do is to limit the number of venues you check in a day. If you’re not in a hurry, then stick to one to two venues a day. If you try to get more, let’s say five venues in one day, not only it will drain you out, but as well as make all information collected hard to compare and discuss.

6. Discuss the pricing and services included. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, which means the more you should be wise in choosing the right venue. Make sure to discuss with the wedding venue coordinator the cost of the venue rental and the services included in it. Ask if there are any hidden charges and talk about deposits and payment method. Though this may sound boring, the cost is a reality than nobody can afford to shrug off.

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7. Take pictures of different sites. When a venue offers more than one site for hosting events and you find a couple of them interesting, take pictures of these sites. For hotels, include a couple of shots of the room of your choice, its bar area, guest accommodation rooms, honeymoon suite, and the outdoor area. In the process of comparing and final decision-making, the photos will remind you of how each venue looks.

8. Check whether there’s a separate area away from the dance floor. Find out whether the venue can provide a separate area from the dance floor where guests can just sit down, chit chat, and enjoy a couple of drinks. This can be important, especially if you have older guests who prefer not-so-loud music and a more relax ambiance. But if you think most of your guests don’t mind being in the same room where the fun is, there’s no need to secure a quieter site or room.

9. Never forget to check the toilets. This is one of the disregarded matter when checking a wedding venue. You can possibly tell a lot about the location by means of its toilets. Consider thinking that, at any point during your wedding, you’ll need to use the toilet. Will you go in there, with your expensive and beautiful wedding dress on, if it’s untidy and smelly?

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10. Finalize your decision together. After you’ve visited all of the shortlisted venues and gathered all information needed, it’s time to sit down, compare, and discuss every single detail with your partner. Since you’ve both agreed on the type of wedding you want, each of you must have a say on your wedding venue. Discussing each item together and hearing out what each has to say will eventually point you out to the right wedding venue.

Again, like buying a house, you’ll know that a wedding venue is the right one when you feel a flutter of butterflies and you exchange looks with your soon-to-be-spouse, which could mean “this is the perfect one.” However, the questions you need to answer are whether it’s practical and if it satisfies the above-mentioned items. The wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning, so be sure to come up with the most accurate judgment.

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