10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist

Asking the right questions to each of your wedding vendors is important to getting excellent items and services for your wedding. One of your most important vendors — one that you absolutely can’t do without — is your florist, who has an enormous responsibility in making your visions for your wedding come to life. It is crucial therefore to clearly communicate your needs and expectation to your prospective florist to know what exactly they can bring to the table for your wedding. Here are some essential questions to ask.


1.   How long have you been doing weddings?

This is a question that you need to ask all your vendors, not the least your florist. You need to know how long she or he has been providing their services in order for you to gauge their level of professionalism. You should also know about your florist’s working experience and achievements by asking further on how many weddings they have worked with and what their biggest achievement is in their line of work.

2.   Can you work with my budget?

If you like the professional experience of your florist, it’s time to know if she or he can work with the budget you have for your floral decor. By informing your florist about your budget, she or he will better know which packages to offer to you, and what inclusions their company can provide for your wedding. Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great decor, you just need to have a good taste and make the right choices.

3.   Are the flowers I want in-season?

With respect to your budget, you should know if the flowers you want for your bouquet and decor are readily available. This way, you can expect to purchase them with an affordable price, plus this assures you that the flowers can be bought in bulk (another cost-saver) compared to flowers that will have to be artificially grown or shipped to order because they are out of season or do not thrive in your locale. If the flowers you want happen to be out of season then you need to be open to other options.

4.   What is your style?

Convey the vision you have for your wedding, and ask your florist how they can make that happen? Start by sharing your inspirations for your own wedding. Alternatively, you can ask your florists for pictures of weddings they’ve worked on before. If you find an arrangement that you love, then everything’s set out for you! Once you’ve made your choice, ask to see some samples to check if their work meets your standards. Work closely with your florist, especially if you’re ordering an arrangement that they haven’t tried before.


5.   Can you suggest changes in the décor to complement your arrangements?

A florist with an overall vision for your wedding is the best pick. You want a florist who is able to see the bigger picture and not only focus on one detail which is the floral arrangements. After all, all the elements in your decor should match in order for your wedding to have a cohesive look. Your florist should be able to provide good ideas on what linens and glassware will look best with their flowers, especially their centrepieces.

6.   Can you provide a prototype or samples of the arrangements?

A prototype is important so you can carefully check each item in terms of design and execution. If you can, request for a prototype for each flower arrangement for decor and even the bouquets. Some florists do this provide this for free while others count it as an additional expense. Either way, seeing the samples will help you to be sure that the details of your floral decor are done accordingly. Also, check that your florist can adjust their arrangements based on your feedback.

7.   Can you work exclusively for us on our wedding day?

Having exclusivity for your wedding is the best way to make sure that your florist will focus on your big day and on nothing else. Ask further on other engagements within the week of your wedding just so you will know what you can expect of your florist in terms of attention to your needs especially as your wedding draws near. Also ask if they will be there to oversee that everything is in place.


8.   Have you worked at my wedding venue before?

It’s definitely an advantage if your florists has previously worked at your venue. This makes them one step ahead in terms of how to dress up the place, as they will have some prior knowledge on which areas on your venue should be the focal point and which are best covered. It is also important that your florist and wedding planner coordinate well in terms of how to decorate the venue so that it will successfully turn into your dream wedding venue.

9.   Can you itemize my requests and give a clear payment scheme?

Once you are satisfied with the ideas and suggestions of your florist, it’s time to settle the details of your contract, particularly regarding the payment. Be sure to know about possible extra fees, such as delivery charges, request for further materials, and if there you’ll be charged with a fixed package rate or per item. Be clear about the payment scheme to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

10.   What is your refund or cancellation policy? Do you have liability insurance?

Don’t overlook the refund and cancellation policy as it is for your own protection. The sooner you can discuss the financial matters with your florist the better. Some venues require any vendor to have liability insurance before they can work within the premises. So before you delve into the details of the products and services make sure you know about these things to keep you safe as you do business with your florist.

With the right questions to ask, you can get the information that you need to help you choose the right floral decor for your wedding. Try to ask all these basic questions on your first, so that you cover more ground and get ahead of your wedding preparations. The sooner you settle the details of your decor, the sooner you can plan for the other elements of your wedding.

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