10 Romantic Places Around the World for a Proposal

Asking your valentine to spend the rest of her life with you is a big, big question to ask, and it’s only right that such a special occasion be matched by its locale. If you want her reply to be a resounding yes, then it will be well worth it to pop the big question at one of these most romantic places.

eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

While it may not be fantastically unique, little else compares to the romance brought by declaring your love in one of the most recognizable landmarks today and in the City of Love and Lights itself. It may be a little expensive, but it hasn’t failed any man yet.

The channels of Venice, Italy

Imagine walking down narrow cobblestone streets, looking at the graceful palazzi, and taking a ride on a gondola. On cue, your gondolier then breaks into a mellow song as you make your way through the channels of Venice. Now imagine a girl saying no to a proposal after that – impossible, right?

Overlooking Central Park, New York

New York has many faces and one of them is a romantic. This is perhaps best seen at Per Se, a Manhattan restaurant overlooking Central Park. Owned by famed restaurateur Thomas Keller, the place superbly accommodates their clientele, even adding romantic touches to their service to make your proposal more special.

The London Eye, London, England

Riding the London Eye – the second largest Ferris wheel in the world – gives a great view of London, but you can make the experience more exhilarating still for your valentine by popping the big question just as you hit the wheel’s pinnacle.

Maya Beach, Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

The Maya Beach at Thailand’s Phi Phi Island has one of the most beautiful beaches and pristine, turquoise waters accessible today. Tour the area on your soles or on a boat and, when you feel the moment’s right, ask her to spend forever with you. It’s like proposing in paradise itself.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Waterfalls are naturally majestic and romantic, and the bigger they are, the more so. At six million cubic feet per minute, no other falls is as big as the Niagara, making it the most romantic place to propose as water beautifully cascades in the background.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Make your girlfriend feel like a princess when you propose to her at the Neuschwanstein Castle. Built during the 19th century, it is a true-to-life castle that seems straight out of a Disney fairy tale movie (and, yes, towering spires and a horse-drawn carriage included).

The Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Proposing in front of the Trevi Fountain is another great way to ensure a heartfelt yes. This monument to the seas (the most popular fountain in Europe) has been witness to lovers promising to spend the rest of their lives together for nearly 400 years.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

A romantic proposal don’t always have to be done overseas: you can do it right here in the heart of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands – with its unique design and regal air – has now become a top spot for proposals not only in Singapore but in the whole of Asia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

While Australia isn’t being raved about for its romance, there are actually a number of places in this continent that could serve as a perfect backdrop for a proposal. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the most famous and romantically inspiring of them all.

Whichever romantic destination you choose, be sure that you have someone to take photos of the moment she says ‘I Do!’ It will be a memory to keep for a lifetime. Good luck to all grooms to be!

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