10 Things to Do for an Outdoor or On-location Photoshoot

Having an outdoor or on-location photo shoot, whether for your prenuptial or wedding day coverage, has its challenges. But is also very rewarding. Unlike with studio pictorials, in an outdoor setting you have to deal with external factors like the weather that can greatly affect the images on your photos. But with enough preparation, you can use such elements to your advantage. Here’s how.


1. Find THE place

Typically, if you prefer an outdoor or on-location shoot, you already have your heart set on a certain location. But if you have yet to decide on a place, consider the important places in your relationship or find a stunning location that can server as a wonderful backdrop for your photos. It could be the public library where you first met, or by the spectacular bay of Marina.

2. Get the weather forecast

The weather doesn’t need to be a cause of panic when you just know what to expect. Look into the weather forecast on the day that you plan to have your shoot so you can prepare your plan B, C, and even until Z if necessary. With a smart contingency plan, nothing can get in your way. You might need an umbrella for the day so have one customized especially for your photos.

3. Get permits

Find out if there are any permits that you need to secure for the location. You wouldn’t want to discover on the day of your shoot that you can’t use the place without permission. That is the worst disruption you can have that will potentially lead to a reschedule of your shoot. You also don’t want to violate any rules and regulations as that can seriously get you and your company into trouble.

4. Schedule the whole day

To save time, schedule the entire day from call time, getting your makeup done, the shooting sessions per area, and even the breaks in between. This will allow you to better monitor the progress of your shoot, ensure that you cover everything you planned to do and that you get to take all the shots you want to have. But even when there’s a schedule, still be flexible enough for suggestions and spur of the moment ideas like those from your photographer.


5. Create your own shot list

To maximize your location, create a list of all the shots you want. For example, you might want to have your solos, a close up of your kiss, and a wide shot of you two hand in hand before a wonderful view. Having this list will help you be more prepared for posing in front of the camera. It’s better to do this as a couple so you can brainstorm on how you want your photos to look while staying true to your personality.

6. Tell the photographer what’s important to you

Once you have your shot list ready, share it with you photographer on your pre-shoot meeting. Then let your photographer give his suggestions on how to improve the shots you want. Be open to what your photographer will say and remember that you hired him for his expertise. Trust that your combined ideas will give you excellent photos at the location that you want.

7. Pick your favorite spots

It will save you time if you look ahead for the spots where you want to be photographed with your sweetheart. It also spares you from the hassle and possible stress from looking around on the day of the shoot. While you’ll have favorite spots on the list, still be open to other areas that your photographer suggests and which you might have overlooked. There might be areas that you might not think will look good in your photos but has a potential that only your photographer sees.


8. Wear long-lasting makeup

Long-lasting makeup is so important. You want to look fresh all throughout your photo shoot with only minimal retouches. Long lasting doesn’t mean heavy. With a good makeup artist that you trust who knows the quality brands and brushes to use to enhance your natural beauty, you will look your best in your photos. For a daytime shoot, go easy on your eye makeup, contour your features, and blend your foundation, blusher, and bronzer well for a flawless finish that’s perfect for photos.

9. Tag some company along

Request your maid of honor or a friend to tag along. Your friend can help oversee the plans and schedule so you won’t get stressed thinking about such things while posing with your honey in front of the camera. Learn the retouch technique for your makeup so you can DIY it on the shoot or have your maid of honor help you with it.

10. Take a break

It is important to not let your team get exhausted. Taking a break once or twice will help a lot to keep the creative juices flowing, especially for your photographer. Have some refreshments to keep everyone energized and enjoy the activity. Be sensitive and make sure that everyone keeps their cool by giving them time to rest and have some snacks. Keep in mind that a bad temper can ruin things.

With these ten easy steps you can have an outdoor or on-location photo shoot that will be as memorable as the pictures of that day. But the most important tip of all is to have fun because when you and your fiancé are enjoying your selves, you won’t just get beautiful and priceless image but also have a great time to remember.

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