10 Things to Note After You Have Chosen Your Wedding Dress

Just because you already found your bridal dress doesn’t mean that the shopping is over. Remember that your wedding gown will set the tone of the rest of the clothing to be worn by your guests. The formality and informality of your dress will determine the tone of the entire wedding ceremony.
After you have gone through the wedding dress fitting and settled on the dress of your dreams, let’s talk about the things to prepare to make your dress even prettier on the big day. Here are the things to clarify after you have chosen the apple of your eye.

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1. Know the Arrival of the Dress

Depending on when your Singapore wedding date is, you may need the order to be rushed. However, most gowns are delivered within six to 12 weeks. If you prefer rush delivery, consider that it will require rush shipment fee. Once it arrives, fit and check it right away to know whether it needs to be altered. Just ensure that you’re dress will be ready a week before your wedding to avoid last-minute dress problems.

2. Find Out If They Have In-House Alterations

If you foresee that you will want a shorter train, a tighter bodice or any other dress detail change, ask early if they can alter it for you and if it’s free of charge. Many Singapore online bridal shops offer free alteration, while others can do it for minimal charges. If your gown has longer train and would want to make moving around easier, especially during reception, have your train bustled by having an attendant on stand-by. If tailors can’t go, they can teach your friend, or anyone who can help you, to bustle your train on your wedding day.

3. If None, Look for a Good Seamstress

If your bridal shop doesn’t offer in-house alterations, you will need to find a good seamstress. Since wedding gowns are delicate clothing, make sure to ask the tailor if they have any experience in this field. If your dress is silk, ask whether they have worked with fine fabrics, likewise for structured- and thick-fabric gowns. Start the search right away once you have confirmed your dress order; you don’t have to wait until your dress arrives.

4. Credit Card Payment

Some bridal studios adopt a cash or cheque only payment, thus it is beneficial to ask if credit cards are accepted. Although many bridal studios in Singapore do accept credit cards nowadays, it pays to confirm this before you reach the counter.

If you go to a bridal studio that offers extra products on top of your bridal package, you may be able to get the evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses at a good price. However, be sure that the people wearing the clothes are satisfied with the designs, as different people have different tastes and not all can be fitted into a one-size-fits-all selection of dresses.

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5. Cancellation/Refund Policies

Weddings do not always go ahead without a hitch. If in any case that you decide to deviate from your original plan, make sure that you are clear on the cancellation policies. Is there a refund? How much, if so? It is a common practice for bridal studios to withhold the deposit after it has been paid, even if you do choose not to go ahead with the studio for whatever reason.

6. Purchase Necessary Bridal Undergarments

The appropriate bridal undergarment must be acquired, especially for mermaid and sheath wedding dresses. Start searching for your undergarments after you have purchased your gown. Make sure to combine comfort and look, as you have to wear them the whole day. Make sure to secure an extra set on the wedding day, so you can freshen up in the evening.

7. Help Your Groom to Look for Formal Wear

Now that you have your dress, it’s time to look for your groom’s suit. His suit or tux should match in formality to your gown. Take a swatch of your wedding colour or motif so you and your soon-to-be-spouse can choose a suit accordingly. The groom can go for a basic black and white suit or wear a vest and tie instead with a pop of colour that coordinates with the theme of your wedding. However, like women, men should also schedule a fitting session before purchasing or renting their attire.

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8. Buy Other Trousseau Items

While in the hunt for the perfect wedding gown, you may have forgotten about the rest of your bridal wardrobe. Trousseau items include dresses for honeymoon, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and other bridal parties. After which, you should complete your wardrobe with casual clothing, party dresses, and lingerie for your honeymoon destination—swimsuits for beach honeymoon, elegant dresses for big city destinations, and lingerie for alone time with your new hubby.

9. Shop for Matching Accessories

Headpieces like combs, hats, tiaras, and headbands should coordinate with the embellishments of your bridal gown. The veil should match the colour of the dress—pure white, ivory, champagne, and silk white wedding veils match almost any bridal gown. Also, the length of the veil should follow the formality of the gown (e.g. cathedral length for formal gowns, while birdcage veils for informal dresses). “Something, old, something, new, something borrowed, or something blue” must be chosen at this point, too.

10. Arrange for Safe Transport

Assign a person to transport your dress from the storage place to where the bride will get dressed for the ceremony. For destination weddings, negotiate with the airline for special handling of the gown, but this may require additional fee. When you get to the place, look for a dry cleaning service that offers steaming of garments to remove wrinkles on the your gown. Some resort and hotels can help you with dry cleaning and steaming needs, too.
Brides certainly have so much to do during this very special event. Fortunately, all the stressful planning and frantic shopping lead up to a fun and memorable occasion. We hope you have benefited from these tips as you plan for the biggest day of your life.

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