10 Tips for Having a Great Wedding Video

A good wedding video, even when viewed years after it was shot, can bring viewers back to the time and place where the event happened and bring back, too, the emotions felt that day. Here are ten tips you should follow to get a wedding video you’d love to watch again and again.

shooting a video

1. Ask for referrals and check credentials. Before hiring your videographer, you should first check that their work meets the quality and style that you want. To do this, request a sample of their work. You can also check in with their previous clients for some first-hand feedback on the quality of their work and their process.

2. Understand that quality don’t come cheap. Wedding videography services are fairly priced, but they can still cost you anywhere from S$1,000 to S$10,000. You should also know that videographers vary in style, skill and experience, and the one that would be ideal for your wedding may be more expensive than others. Choose your videographer according to your budget and on their ability to give you your desired results.

3. Give your videographers what they need. A great video requires good lighting, so make sure that your ceremony and reception venue are adequately lit. You should also have your photographers and videographers agree on where each will be taking their shots so that they don’t elbow each other for good spots. Most videographers in Singapore usually already have a partner photographer.

4. Make sure they have the right equipment. Video equipment continuously changes, and checking that your videographers are using up-to-date equipment will guarantee good video quality. They don’t need to have the latest high-end models, but they should, at least, use standard equipment and have the basic gears, such as a format camcorder, an audio mixer, and a remote microphone system.

5. Have them shoot a B-roll coverage. A B-roll (or before-roll) coverage are footages of the items and locations that play an important part in the wedding or that add details to the event. These often include the wedding venues (external and internal shots) and what the couple will wear. It also often includes shots of both the bride and groom as they prepare separately, as well as the guests as they arrive for the ceremony.

6. Have the videographers present during the rehearsal. Being at the rehearsal will give your videographer a better idea on how to shoot the wedding. By knowing how the ceremony will proceed, they can better position themselves during the actual wedding to get great shots and make the coverage flow more smoothly.

7. Give special instructions. Your videographers wouldn’t know your guests and won’t cover anyone in particular unless you tell them to. If you have guests whom you want to be specially featured in your video, inform your videographers beforehand so that they can prepare for it. You can also request them to take specific shots if you have any good ideas in mind.

8. Have a good audio system and soundtrack. A great wedding video will still be lacking if it doesn’t have the right sounds to go with it. During your wedding, make sure that you have a microphone that can capture your officiant’s words, the singers and readers, and, most especially, the exchanging of your vows. You should also work with your videographer on the soundtrack of your video to make it more personal.

9. Use multiple shots if possible. While having two or more cameras will definitely cost you more, it will also greatly improve the quality of your wedding video by giving it a more cinematic flair. By using multiple cameras, you can have shots of one subject – you walking down the aisle, for example – taken from different angles, or have shots of different subjects taken at the same moment.

10. Have people give you their message on cam. Your wedding video wouldn’t be complete without your family and your friends wishing you well and giving you advice on your new path in life. However, you might have a hard time recording this on the wedding day, so inform them beforehand and record their messages a few days before the wedding (most likely during or after the rehearsal dinner).

Having a great wedding video isn’t easy, and hiring just anyone to record your wedding can bring disappointing results. We hope these 10 tips will help you capture your wedding on video beautifully!

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