10 Tips on Serving Alcohol on Your Wedding Reception

Getting your wedding guests in a great mood through alcohol is no easy feat. To make sure that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while still serving everyone their favored drinks, remember these 10 simple tips:


1. Serve different beverages. Beer, wine and champagne are staple drinks, but you should not let yourself be caught short on bottled water, fruit juice and soda either. You can also style up your reception with a signature cocktail or even tea (for an afternoon garden reception). You don’t have to serve spirits if you’re not expecting any hard drinkers among your guests.

2. Buy your drinks wholesale. The more you buy, the more likely you’ll get a discount from your seller. If your venue allows you to bring your own drinks, get all your drinks from a single liquor store in Singapore, who will probably give you a discount to offset the cost of corkage.

3.Allocate your bottles. For each table, set two or three bottles of wine or champagne, which should accommodate around eight people. Each bottle holds four to six glassfuls, so everyone is sure to have at least a full glass each for dinner and the toast. Have the toast early on so that all glasses are still full when your guests raise it up.

4. Have a limited open bar. This will be your best compromise between a full bar (where everyone can get free drinks throughout the reception) and a cash bar (where guests have to pay for each drink). The full bar can be very costly, while the cash bar may seem ungracious. A limited bar – only a certain amount of drinks are free, or for only a certain period – lets you control your expenses while maintaining your grace.

5. Hold your reception at home. While this is pretty hard to do in Singapore, having your reception at your home, or at a privately owned venue, can greatly cut down your cost as you won’t have to pay for any corkage for your drinks.

6. Have something for everyone. A rented bar, which can be provided by most wedding venues or by caterers in Singapore, will ensure that you can serve everyone’s favorite alcohol. Aside from beer and wine, stock your bar with gin, whisky vodka, rum and other favored drinks.

7. Stock up. Getting short on your drinks can dampen your wedding celebration, so make sure to have enough bottles for everyone. On average, each guest will drink four to six glasses during the whole event, but expect some people to drink more (especially elder male guests). Remember that it’s better to have more drinks than you need than to not have enough.

8. Beware of the law. The consequence of getting drunk in public is all-too known in Singapore. As the host, it is part of your responsibility that your guests do not get intoxicated to the point of them misbehaving or embarrassing themselves. See to it that underage guests don’t get their hands on any alcohol and that any drinker won’t have to drive later.

9. Ask a friend to bartend. Your bartender may be another add-on to the cost of your wedding, so if you have a friend (especially if it’s one of your groomsmen) who knows how to mix drinks, then ask him to do so at your reception. Don’t forget to give him a token of your gratitude (or even a small fee) for his services.

10. Match food with drinks. Generally, red wine goes well with flavorful foods and white wine goes well with foods with subtle food with subtle tastes, while beer is good for dry, fried dishes. Some foods (such as those high in protein) are also good because of their sobering effect.

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