10 Tips To Lose Weight Fast With Drinks

Losing weight during the festive season can be tough, especially with friends and relatives encouraging you to eat and drink more. Here are 10 tips to save your liquid calories!

1. Take your fruit juices fresh. It’s really easy to make healthy fruit juices and smoothies nowadays. But always remember to keep your milk and sugar intake at a minimum.

Orange Juice

2. Drink plenty of water. Your body needs water, especially if you’re working out a lot (which you must) to lose weight fast. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a glass of water every 2-3 hours.

3. Start the day with a glass of water. Drink cool water (optionally, with a spike of lemon) first thing in the morning and you will feel more refreshed and have more energy during the day.

4. Drink a glass of water before each meal. Because water has no calories but still takes space, drinking water will make you feel full faster, which means you eat less.

5. Eat more water-rich foods. These include fruits like watermelons and papayas, and vegetables like celery and tomatoes. This is both for hydration and nutrition purposes.

6. Stop drinking bottled drinks, especially sodas and other carbonated drinks. These drinks are full of sugar, which turns to calories inside you. Additionally, these drinks can also alter your mood.

7. Alcohol is also bad for you too. Not only will alcoholic beverages add fat to your body, their effects will make it hard for you to maintain your diet and control your appetite.

8. Be careful with drinking tea. Tea is actually harmless by itself, but it’s the sugar and cream that we add to it that can make tea fattening. Drink it black when you can.

9. Watch your caffeine intake. Apart from the cream and sugar that may be in your coffee, the caffeine in it is an alkaloid, which can negatively affect your metabolism.

10. Chocolate drinks are not very good too. It’s hard to hate chocolate, but it really shouldn’t be part of your diet if you want to lose weight. Even bitter chocolate drinks can add fat to your body.

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