10 Unique Singaporean Wedding Proposals

A wedding proposal is an act of courage and of love, one that you are hoping to commit only once in your life. It is the story you will be repeating at your wedding, to your children, a grand gesture of love is worth retelling through the ages. Here are 10 local wedding proposals that raise the bar. We laud them for their inventiveness, ingenuity and dedication, to go that extra mile for their beloved.


1) Just Like the Movies

Love can be just like the movies and that was the plan for Malcolm as he popped the question at Cathay after a movie screening as he compiled a video montage of his unique proposal to Grace, not just by asking for her hand in marriage but presenting to her different reasons, why she should marry him. He went all over Singapore to find the most random yet thoughtful assortment of people including his colleagues, JC buddies, even the owner of Grace’s favourite store and finally her parents and her grandma- anyone that mattered to them. Malcolm ‘discreetly’ shoving angpaos to his friends after they gave them his reasons added a humorous and personal touch to the entire proposal. In front of an entire audience, Malcolm went on bended knee while his friends held illuminated letters, forming ‘Will you marry me?’ at the back of the cinema. And Grace tearfully agreed.

Watch the full video here.


2) This is the Story of How I Proposed to Your Mother

Following the format of How I Met Your Mother, Jerald made use of almost all the elements of the hit sitcom to propose to his girlfriend. Even coming up his with his own version of the theme song featuring his a cut out of his girlfriend and their friends. The best part was how he narrated the storyline; set in the hypothetical future of 2039 to his again, hypothetical children sitting on a couch, mimicking the running theme in How I Met Your Mother. Like the CBS award-winning show, this proposal deserves all the awards for originality and creativity.

Watch the full video here.


3) Sparks Fly

It is a simple concept, combined with ingenuity, have your friends stand on the other side of the Singapore River forming the words ‘Will you marry me?’ with sparklers, while you stroll with your sweetheart on one side. Of course these mere movements are unable to be seen and translated into words without the help of a DSLR capturing the moment. When your girlfriend peers into the screen, she’ll immediately recognise the strange and seemingly random occurrence, as your doing. This proposal sure does give meaning ‘sparks fly’.

Watch the full video here.


4) As Deep as the Aquarium

The SEA Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa is not just a place to view aquatic life, but the cool hues of the deep, deep, aquarium combined with a wide ‘screen’ is the perfect place for a proposal. While gazing at manatee and shoals of fish, two divers unroll a huge canvas with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ directed to you while other visitors snap pictures of this ‘extra attraction’, looks like they picked the right day to come.

Watch the full video here.


5) Be with Me(me)

In the Internet crazed age where cats and memes go viral regularly, why not showcase your creativity by proposing using memes? Popularised by 9gag.com, these memes dominate the interweb-scape come in a variety and when all used in the right context can form an innovative proposal. In this digital day and age, this proposal proves that love can still be old-fashioned and trendy at the same time.

Watch the full video here.


6) Love is An Endless Race

Love takes an insane amount of endurance and effort, and that was what Chin Boon wanted to convey when he decided to run the ultimate marathon of his life, starting from Sembawang at 4am, all the way to Sentosa where his girlfriend, Melissa was waiting at 10am, covering over 60km just to go on bended knee to pop the question. The run might seem unnecessary to some, but to Melissa, this was the distance (literally) Chin Boon was willing to take, just to be with her.

Watch the full video here.


7) A Stage Production

This one takes an extreme level of planning and execution, its an entire proposal wrapped up in a play- the entire affair is as legitimate as it can be. With audiences, brochures, tickets and even a website. It is an ‘interactive play’ with cast and crew revolving around the main character in question- Tiffany as her boyfriend, Alvin planned the travel-themed play held at the Arts House.

Watch the full video here.


8) I’d Be Jay Chou For You

There’s nothing like young love, why not recreate a music video of an old school Jay Chou song that you both adore? Doused in sepia filters, Alex tried to emulate Jay with his floppy hair and cheesy lyrics, resulting in a comical yet touching proposal.

Watch the full video here. Also, you can watch his music video here.


9) Mission Impossible: Proposal

A proposal might feel like an impossible mission at times, so why not play to your advantage and make this a mission impossible themed proposal? With three various missions, Adrian managed to successfully pull of an exciting proposal, which involved convincing his girlfriend that he was a diamond thief, with the diamond being the ring of course. It’s a mission so out of this world, Ethan Hunt wished he done this .

Watch the full video here.


10) Where Love Takes Flight

This proposal made it to the news, not once, but multiple times. The grand scale of this involved a flash mob and collaboration with Changi Airport Group, and of course an audience consisting of international and local travellers. You serenade your girlfriend in front of a mob of people, before going on bended knee, and popping the question.

Watch the full video here.


We hope these unusual wedding proposals inspire you to come up with your own interesting way of popping the question, nevertheless, a proposal is not something you’d forget about for a long time to come, no matter how simple, how elaborate, every proposal is worth celebrating. Go wild, go wacky, it is your love story and you decide your proposal.

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