10 Unique Wedding Proposals

‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars has fast become one of the most appropriate songs to accompany an outdoor public wedding proposal. We scoured the Internet, through all variations of ‘Marry You’ and compiled the most fascinating, incredible proposals around the world. Sit back and get ready the tissues.

1) Score!!!

Football fans might want to try this method of popping the question. While playing a game of football Fabi pretends to be mortally injured, agonising on the field while others rush to his aid. The game is halted and he succeeds in emotionally traumatising his girlfriend Sara before whipping out a box and going on bended knee. This is the ultimate fantasy proposal you might imagine Neymar or Ronaldo pulling off.

Watch the full video here.


2) ‘It’s a Yes From Me’

A couple that chases their dreams together, is a couple that stays together. Proposing on international television is probably the greatest declaration of love one can hope to achieve. The X Factor couple entered the contest as a friendly competition against each other, but who knew it would lead to something even greater. This is a proposal even Simon Cowell would approve.

Watch the full video here.


3) Better than a Disney Parade

Amassing more than 20 million views on Youtube, this proposal is what High School Musical: The Proposal would look like. It has all the elements: drama, spontaneous dancing and even a marching band. The entire proposal takes you through a roller coaster of emotions, from a supposed ‘cheating’ boyfriend to a dazzling flash mob, something you would expect only at Disneyland, this might be the most extravagant wedding proposal you’ve seen in your lifetime.

Watch the full video here.


4) When One Door Shuts, Another Opens

After a failed MasterChef audition Gordon Ramsay, encouraged this particular contestant to not give up on his other dream- marrying his girlfriend. This just shows that you’re entire life does not depend on a dish of Lamb Meatball and Ground Beef Broth but on how you decide to make the best of your situation. Even Joe Bastianich was spotted wiping a tear discreetly at his successful proposal.

Watch the full video here.


5) Love is in the Air

What do people even do during plane flights? Why not use that time to surprise your girlfriend with a proposal? It’s almost perfect timing, right after you leave for the washroom; a flash mob begins, (singing Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ no less). The girl in question seemed reluctant and even embarrassed at first, but after plenty of persuasion she finally agreed. If you think proposals on land are too mainstream, well then this is the ultimate proposal for you.

Watch the full video here.


6) Live Lip-Dup

This is probably the best concert anyone can hope to attend from their loved one. Imagine lip syncing, but even better, a whole musical re-enactment of ‘Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars performed by friends, strangers, neighbours while you sit at the back of a van witnessing it all while driving down the streets of Portland. At the end of it all, your other half appears in a suit while singing his heart out you before popping the question. This entertaining tear-inducing proposal is sure to make anyone’s day.

Watch the full video here.


7) Light of My Life

If you’re into photography, this proposal might inspire you. Derik spent 3 nights filming footage of light writing spelling out ‘Emily, will you marry me?’ as seen in the final image made up of ‘approximately 800 individual 10 seconds exposures’. The editing and effort put into this sure gives a new meaning to ‘light of my life’.

Watch the full video here.


8) Graphic

Sometimes proposals do not have to be carried out in real life but perhaps in a video, cleverly designed, depicting the story of how the both of you. Others might prefer visual cues, and perhaps proposal in a form of video might be the best way to express and convey to your other half your most pure, undistilled feelings. Video is definitely the way to go!

Watch the full video here.


9) Graffiti

If you can’t say it, why not paint it? With the help of graffiti artist ACK!, Shannon devised a proposal plan for his girlfriend by painting his proposal on a wall! The end result: a painting to commemorate your milestone left on the walls for a long time to come. Talk about a lasting memory. It even came with a check box with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for Shannon’s girlfriend to spray-tick- and she did select yes.

Watch the full video here.


10) Street Art

If you’re an artist, why not propose according to your craft? After all it is the best way you express yourself. Aaron decided to collaborate with his fellow street artists to create a street art tour, specifically for his proposal, with artworks illustrating the pivotal moments of their relationship and leading his girlfriend through it. At the end of tour, he stands beside an illustration of a proposal while mimicking it, proposing to his girlfriend beside it.

Watch the full video here.


Wedding proposals have become yet another avenue to flaunt how in love you are with your other half. But this cannot be quantified nor can it be measured, and sometimes a lavish gesture might not be what works for your own relationship. A proposal should not be a competition but a sincere act of courage and love. Find what works for you, after all, it is the answer that matters most and not how you ask.

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