10 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Many young couples in Singapore today have become more environmentally-minded. We now know that the environment needs more care and attention, and we’d like to do our part to help. So here are 10 ideas on how you can have a wedding that can positively impact our environment.


1.  Use Paper-less Invitations

Instead of using traditional paper wedding invitations, print your invitations on seed paper, an easily degradable kind of paper that will grow wildflowers when planted. A more convenient option, of course, is to simply send your invitations online. You can easily do that through Perfect Weddings’ RSVP and Guest List Manager tool.

2.  Choose Nearby Locations

The less you travel, the less your carbon footprint will be. So consider distance when choosing your wedding venue. For your pre-wedding photoshoot, you don’t have to go outside of the country as there are already a lot of great photography locations within Singapore.

3.  Hire a Green Wedding Transport

Avoid the stretch limo and other luxury rides – these vehicles require a lot of gas and have high emissions. For a green wedding, hire a hybrid or compact car instead for you and your groom, and request your guests to share rides.

4.  Choose an Eco-Friendly Gift Registry

Look for select gift shops in Singapore sell and promote items that are friendly to the environment, such as natural beauty supplements and organic home accessories. As an alternative, you can also ask your invitees to donate their time or money to an environmental cause.

5.  Wear a Truly Vintage Wedding Gown

Check if your mother’s wedding gown suits you and wear it if it does. This way, you not only minimize waste and cut down your wedding budget, you also get to wear something that has a lot of sentimental value. Additionally, vintage fashion is a popular wedding dress style nowadays.

6.  Use Local Flowers

Given our temperate clime, most popular wedding flowers – including roses, orchids, gerberas and carnations – are grown locally in Singapore, so there’s really no need to order your flowers from outside. And if you really want a lot of greens in your wedding, you can hold it at any of our beautiful parks, such as the Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning and Hort Park.

7.  Decorate with Live Plants

Using live plants as wedding centerpieces is a good way to showcase nature and your appreciation for it. Popular plants are orchids, wildflowers, and lucky bamboos. After your wedding, you can give your plants to your guests as your wedding favor.

8.  Serve Local Beverages

If you’re going to have beer at your reception, serve Tiger, Brewerkz or other locally made beers. When buying your wine, ask for those that are produced in Asia as these has not travelled very far and thus have used less fuel and energy. These drinks are usually cheaper too.

9.  Donate Your Wedding Gown

The ideas hasn’t caught up much yet in Singapore, but you can donate your wedding gown to a charitable organization who can see to it that some other bride can use your dress instead of it just wasting in your closet.

10.  Have a Green Honeymoon

Some resort in the country offer eco-friendly honeymoon packages, which feature nature-based activities and eco-tours. With a green honeymoon, you start your life as a married couple by being one with nature.

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