10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding isn’t just your biggest chance to declare your love to the world, it’s also a great opportunity to show off your unique individuality as a couple. And while floral arrangements are certainly the most dramatic and easiest way to beautify a room, flowers appear rather too commonly in weddings and, when not used tastefully, tend to leave no impression on guests.

Our advice: focus on decorating the often-overlooked areas of a wedding venue and choose inexpensive embellishments that puts the best sizzle in every space. To spruce up what would otherwise be just a so-so location, here are some decorating tips that would give you an awe-inspiring wedding venue.

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Create a Unified Look

Many brides start planning their venue décor by choosing a theme. However, if you want to add interest to your décor, think of the theme as a touch of style or a subtly-repeated element to create unity in your overall wedding venue décor. For traditional Chinese weddings, don’t limit yourself to just Chinese lanterns and red-colored décor. Incorporate interesting objects and complementing colors for variation.

Match the Mood

Whether you’re after a sophisticated feel or a laid-back ambiance, you’re chosen venue will influence most of your décor decisions. If you have not yet decided on the elements to use on your décor, notice pieces already present in the site for clues and ideas. If you choose a historic hall, for example, an all-white wedding would match the venue very well, while a countryside location would call for an intimate and relaxed wedding theme.

Look Up and Down

An ugly ceiling is a big no-no for formal weddings, so make sure to cover it up and decorate it well. You can hide a bad top with draperies or hang hundreds of fairy lights to disguise any unpleasantness. Another option is to rent chandeliers. Find out if the venue can provide you with such to distract attention from the ceiling while simultaneously giving your room an instant face lift. Likewise, don’t let a stained flooring dissuade you from achieving your dream wedding. Hide unsightly floor areas with carpets, linens, or temporary tiles.

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Make the Room Glow

Carefully planned lighting will brighten any space and give your event an instant glow. If possible, hire a professional lighting designer to plan and set up appropriate lighting at your wedding venue. You can make use of the lights to direct everyone’s attention to the lovely pieces in the place (such as your table centerpieces, wedding cake, or wedding gift table) and disguise less attractive areas of the venue. Lights with colored gels also alter the intensity of the light stream to create a more natural and much softer look.

Fill Up Spare Spaces

An all-white, empty area can be either be fun or stressful to work with—depending on how you approach it. It may appear like a blank canvass that you would want to turn into a masterpiece, but can also be a mismatched area if not planned and decorated accordingly. To make sure it matches well with the rest of the room, take hints from your theme. A chaise lounge, an interesting painting, or an antique furniture are just some of the great ideas you can use to fill up blank spaces.

Add Texture

Unique touches and nature-driven accessories are great additions to turn plain and boring venues into designer creations. Add texture—like faux fur, branches, and even grapevines—to better capture attention and wow your guests with uniqueness. You may also adorn trees with strings of fairy lights or install a couple of ornamental bamboo shoots for an Oriental vibe.

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Consider Outdoor Beauty

More and more brides are opting for an outdoor wedding, perhaps because of the natural and effortless beauty of Mother Nature. So when choosing wedding flowers, take into consideration the surrounding blooms. Keep in mind the carefree and laid-back feel of the outdoors when styling bouquets and centerpieces (a tightly packed floral arrangement would look too out of place).

Strive for a Good Impression

Think of ways to make a good first impression on your guests. Hang floral wreaths on entry doors and lanterns on trees, light tea candles in tinted jars atop the tables, illuminate linings of pathways, and other additions that will give guests a warm welcome to your affair.

Don’t Forget the Bar

The bar will surely be among the busiest spots on your big day. So, make sure to dazzle the area with flamboyant barware, or go all the way and construct your own bar. Stock up tropical parasols, decorative straws, and fresh fruits to add to your drinks later on. However, never add anything in the bar area that will disrupt your bartender’s duties. Flower arrangements on counters is not advisable as it will only get in the way.

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Take Care of the Chairs and Tables

Many brides find solution to long banquet tables for a more intimate feeling and lessen the hassle of seating spaces and arrangement. If you want a funkier look, go for a mix of round and square tables in different sizes. For those boring burgundy chairs, beautify them with colorful chair covers that matches your motif. You can also make use of lively linen for a bedazzling addition to the venue’s décor. You may even add silk flowers, leafy swags, or tulle fabrics.

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Sprucing up a space can be difficult for any bride. However, by knowing your motif and believing in your style, you’ll be able to add glamour and uniqueness to your venue that will make your wedding stand out from the rest.

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