10 Quick Ways to Lose Weight With Food

Losing weight is already a big challenge for most people, and losing weight quickly is a much bigger challenge still. However, although it may require some effort and sacrifice, the steps are actually easy. Here are some quick, easy ways to take off the pounds.

Fruits and Vegetables
1.  Fiber, fiber, fiber. The importance of fiber in your diet can’t be understated. It’s one of the best ways to improve your metabolism and it sweeps off the fat from your system.

2.  Choose fresh fruits over fruit juices. Fresh, unprocessed fruits have natural sugars – and fibers – that is good for your body. Fruit juices are often artificially sweetened and contain too much sugar.

3.  Snacks? Try vegetables. When you get hungry between meals, don’t take chips or fries. Instead munch on carrots, celery sticks and cucumbers. Add a low-fat cheese for more flavors.

4.  Uncooked vegetables are best. Vegetables are best eaten raw, as cooking takes away some of their vitamins. If you want it cooked, have them steamed or lightly grilled instead of boiled.

5.  Canned fruits and vegetables are poor alternatives. Canned goods are processed goods, and when it comes to fruits and veggies, processing always takes out nutrients and adds not-so healthy ingredients.

6.  Get a daily dose of greens. Green, leafy vegetables are your best ticket to losing weight. They are rich in fiber and vitamins that your body needs.

7.  Limit your egg intake. Eggs, being a good source of protein, are good, but only at certain amounts. The ideal number of eggs per week is three, but you can have 2-3 more if you take it hard boiled.

8.  Say no to fries. Fried foods contain a lot of oil, and oil means fat and cholesterol. Even dry foods, as long as they were fried, still contain a lot of hidden oil inside them.

9.  Choose from all the food groups. Fibers are good, but so are protein and carbohydrates. Make sure that you take your food from all the major food groups to stay healthy and keep illness at bay.

10.  Control that sweet tooth. In general, the sweeter the food, the more calories it has. If you must eat pastries or other confectionary, do so very rarely and only take small bites.

All the best to all brides looking to control their weight during this festive season!

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