12 Must-See Wedding Themes

Most couples getting hitched would want a wedding to be remembered for the years to come. Unfortunately, unless you had a grand reception in an impressive location or if something strange happened during the wedding that you cannot account for, it is most likely your guests will categorise your wedding under a vague ambiguous memory. Why not go for themed weddings? Everyone loves a themed wedding and it will definitely be remembered. If it holds significance for you and your other half, why not? Whether or not you’re getting married here is a list of interesting wedding themes to inspire you!

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1) Shrek

Yes you read that right; this is a different sort of fairy tale come true. With the variety of characters available in Shrek, make it a costume party and have all your guests dress as characters from the movie. With everyone costume-coordinating, you might even be able to re-enact your own version of ‘Shrek the Musical’! One couple in England arranged a Shrek themed wedding for charity purposes raising funds for cancer research, all their guests gladly obliged with one even arriving in a full Gingerbread Man mascot.

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2) Game of Thrones

If there’s one thing to take away from watching the cult following Game of Thrones, it’s that Game of Thrones weddings are never a good idea. Thus far weddings in the medieval fantasy show have been drenched in bloodshed, a cause for celebration usually evolves into a tragedy. Why anyone would want a Game of Thrones wedding is a great mystery. A Game of Thrones themed wedding, however, is another story. The HBO series is the adult version of a Disney tale, with elaborate ornamental goblets and feasts fit for a Westeros King. Dress up as your favourite character and get hitched, or get inspired by the outfits and overall medival theme of the set to craft your own Game of Thrones inspired wedding outfits!

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3) Harry Potter

It’s hard to shed the leftover magic from the your childhood that follows you through the years. With a shared love for The Boy Who Lived and his adventures whether in print or onscreen, a Harry Potter wedding might actually be a marvellous idea to kick-start your marriage. Use a Sorting Hat to give out table seating plans, and have guests dress in colours according to their houses or hand out wands at the reception. There are plenty of opportunities for you to express your creativity, you’d wish that those wands actually worked! Surprise your guests with Butterbeer, and an owl paper mache. The only thing missing, is being at Hogwarts.

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4) Lego

Construct your love literally by stacking Lego brick by Lego brick with a Lego themed wedding! Think multi-coloured bricks in glass bowls on every table, or at the reception where guests can sign a brick each before piling them. We wished there were outfits as interchangeable as Lego outfits to do a wardrobe switch, mid-wedding! Kids will be delighted too with Lego bricks to entertain themselves with, so you’ll minimise disruptions of any sort during the ceremony. The trick is to incorporate as many elements into the wedding so it does not come across as overkill. Check out the Lego figurine cufflinks below, that’s called style.

Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography

Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography

5) Star Wars

There have been plenty of Star Wars themed weddings; the epic space adventure has amassed a loyal following. Not surprisingly, fans are coming up with Star Wars themed weddings, with frequent appearances by the clone troopers. Cut your wedding cake with lightsabers of course; use them as disco light sticks for the after party dance afterwards.

Photo by Lindsey Brooke Photograhie for Cacá Santoro Photography

Photo by Lindsey Brooke Photograhie for Cacá Santoro Photography

6) Tim Burton/ Halloween

It will make sense for Tim Burton fans to have a wedding as macabre and gothic as his films. Think Corpse Bride, but with the same elegance you would maintain at any regular wedding. Hold it in October and you have your very own Halloween wedding too, complete with Jack O’ Lanterns and guests arriving in their costumes. Organise a massive trick or treating at the same time and give your guests the best Halloween they will ever experience. For extra spooks, have your engagement shoot in a cemetery! If you’re afraid the pairing of black and orange, (typical shades associated with Halloween) might be distasteful to older and more traditional guests, incorporate the colours sparingly, in small details with white as the main component. In that way it still looks like a wedding, without compromising on the Tim Burton/Halloween vibe.

Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

7) Zombie

Zombie weddings can go both ways, zombie themed with quirky zombie elements in the wedding, cue eyeballs in cocktails, or zombie themed with everyone present as zombies. We say go hard or go home, slather on the make up and be zombies getting wed for the day. Arrive in a heavily rigged truck with wires stretched across the windows, just like one from The Walking Dead, instead of walking down the aisle, do a Zombie slow-crawl!

Watch the Zombie Wedding here.

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8) Hello Kitty

You know its love when your groom agrees to a Hello Kitty themed wedding. Not everyone grows up loving Barbie, step aside Mattel, make room for Sanrio and their famous mouthless cat. Stamp Hello Kitty motifs on your invitations and line Hello Kitty figurines on the reception table. Douse every corner of your venue in pastel pink and top it off with a Hello Kitty cake no less! If you’re game enough, throw in Hello Kitty mascots to complete the day.

Watch the Hello Kitty wedding here.

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9) Maleficent

Not every little girl grows up and wants to be a princess; some grow up wanting to be quite the contrary. A recent Disney film shedding some light on the villainess from Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, has inspired not just Halloween outfit ideas, but also a wedding it seems! For all you brides craving non-vanilla Disney ice cream, a Maleficent wedding might be the perfect flavour. Fancy a Cruella de Vil gown (not made out of fur of course)? Go for it, bad guys do fall in love too.

Watch the wedding video here.

Photo by Proud Rad

Photo by Proud Rad

10) The Little Mermaid

For those princesses at heart, a Disney princess themed wedding is completely doable- especially a Little Mermaid wedding! Have your hair dyed fiery crimson just like Ariel, a small ceremony by the coast and your groom dressed as your very own Prince Eric. The theme allows plenty of room to personalise other aspects of your wedding. Include seashells into the décor, colour schemes of teal, cerulean to evoke the saline breeziness of the sea. Now your Disney wedding can be ‘A Part of Your World’, the only thing lacking is probably a talking fish.

Photo by Mathieu Photography

Photo by Mathieu Photography

11) Gundam

A wedding planning company in Japan hosted a competition to hold a Gundam themed wedding after the popularity of the anime. It was a grand affair, to be wed in front of an 18-metre RX-78 Mobile Suit and have the rest of Japan watch as the couple exchanged rings. The groom also donned on a suit just like the one Amuro Ray wore in the anime. The Director of the Gundam series even presented the couple a framed picture of a Mobile Suit. The best part of the wedding was probably the fact that it coincided with the anime’s 30th anniversary.

Photo by Shibuya246

Photo by Shibuya246

12) Twilight

Did you really think we would leave this out? The Young Adult ‘classic’ love story for the 21st century between a vampire and an ordinary girl has left many teenage girls’ hearts aflutter. Even if you aren’t a fan of their romance you cant deny the classic black and white timeless elegance of the Twilight wedding onscreen. Split the guests into three groups: vampires, humans and werewolves for wedding festivities during the reception. Don’t leave out the crimson red lipstick alluding to a vampire’s thirst for blood, and for the groom, his brooding smoulder. A vampire wedding is always interesting to plan, and it definitely won’t suck.

Photo by Segerius Bruce Photography

Photo by Segerius Bruce Photography

There isn’t a limit to the themes you can think off at the top of your head, its easy to get carried away, but do remember that the most important part is for everyone involved to have fun and enjoy themselves. With that in mind, go wild and as far as your ideas bring you and create that unforgettable wedding your guests will reminiscence about for the years to come.

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