15 Food Trends for 2017 Weddings

One of the best ways to make your wedding stand out and be more memorable is by serving unique food selections that taste as great as they look. Here are 15 delightful wedding food trends that are sure to get your guests excited and posting snaps after snaps of your wedding fare on Instagram.

Perfect Starters

food-trend-01-perfect pairing
Image Courtesy of Kristy Hogan

Paying attention to how your appetizers go with your aperitifs is a subtle way to show class and care. Some excellent pairings are fish tacos with aloe vera margarita, caviar on crackers with iced vodka, and grilled sandwiches with a snapper mix. You can also extend the concept to your dessert, such as by serving chocolate pops with some light liqueur.

Bite-Sized Servings

Image Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

There’s something so adorable with miniaturized food (maybe because it reminds us so much of our make-believe tea parties when we were kids). For 2017, consider serving mini versions of meatball spaghetti, pork buns, lobster rolls, pizza bites, or these wonderful lasagna “cupcakes”. These are best served as appetizers but, if you prepare enough, they can also be a main dish. (Think: burger dim sums.)

DIY Food Stations

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Mimosas, canapés, seafood cocktails, ice creams, salads, s’mores — any food or drink you can imagine, really — you just have to set up the stations with its different ingredients, and leave your guests to make their own, playing with different combinations and flavors. This is an excellent way to make your wedding more interactive and infuse it with a fun, casual vibe.

Fantastic Cakes

Image Courtesy of The Cake Blog

Modern wedding cakes are so awesome we wrote a separate article just for them. As the biggest and most symbolic food of the occasion, your cake deserves to be nothing but wonderful. The latest cake trends include “semi-naked” cakes, geode cakes, geometric cakes, ombre cakes (see the pic) and cakes with sugar flower bouquets.

Malay-Chinese Cuisine

Image Courtesy of Kitchen Bowl

With more Malays and Chinese tying the knot, it’s no surprise that we’re also seeing a surge of Malaysian Chinese cuisine in wedding banquets. Favorite fares include yusheng, popiah, wonton mee, Hainan chicken rice, Hokkien mee, char kway teow, and chee chong fun.

Absolute Local

Image Courtesy of Che’s Table

Another trend that has garnered a lot of traction is serving food made strictly from local ingredients, which isn’t surprising given the rise of “green weddings”. This trend is great for helping the environment by reducing your food’s carbon footprint, as well as for its patronage of local food producers. Restaurants in Singapore cooking with locally-sourced ingredients include Chef’s Table, Bacchanalia, Open Farm Community, and Butcher’s Club Burger.

Live Demo

Image Courtesy of Elizabeth Ann Designs

It’s fun to watch chefs show off their skills, right? Much more if their preparing your food. Your cooks or chefs can have their own stations, or you can have them stroll around the different tables — either way is bound to build your guests’ appetites.

Breakfast Food

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You might think serving pancakes and doughnuts is only good if you have a morning reception, and then you’d be wrong. Serving breakfast food during the cocktail hour of an evening banquet, or as its dessert, has proven quite popular recently. This trend is delicious, whimsical, and absolutely lovely.

Healthy Options

Image Courtesy of Social Pantry

With everyone becoming more mindful of their health, it’d be a big plus on your wedding if you serve a few dishes that are light, nutritious, and made from organic ingredients. You don’t have to go all vegan: just serving a choice of salads, some wraps, risotto and fresh fruit juice is enough to satiate all your health-conscious (and figure-conscious) guests.

A Unique Toast

Image Courtesy of isabreizh

You actually don’t have to stick to serving bubbly for the grand toast. An awesome way to make your toast more meaningful is to have it over a drink that played a special part in your relationship. Some ideas are the cocktail served on the event where you first met, the wine you had when he proposed to you, or even just your favorite cooler.

A Family Dish

Image Courtesy of Migrationology

Every family has at least one specialty dish — that special laksa, bak chor mee or fish bee hon that our mom or our aunt cooks up on special family occasions. One way to make your wedding trendy and more personal is to share the family recipe to your caterer and have them prepare enough for everyone.

Family-Style Dining

Image Courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Instead of seating your guests in separate tables of 8 or 10 persons, enhance your wedding’s feeling of intimacy and being in the company of one’s family by having them dine the way we do in informal dinners — that is, seated in long tables with everyone sharing the food. Now, doesn’t that just fill you with a warm, fuzzy feeling?

The Roaring 20s

Image Courtesy of Ashley Seawell Photography

Vintage has always been a popular wedding theme. But these days, more couples have their eyes on a particular era — the jazz age. Up your decadence factor and party like Jay Gatsby by serving oyster shuckers and shrimp cocktails, and setting up a magnificent champagne tower.

Elevated Street Food

Image Courtesy of The Black Swan

We usually have braised duck, roast meats and chendol at street-side restaurants and hawker centers, right? Not at wedding banquets. But elevate the preparation of these foods and you’ve got a fantastic fare that features familiar tastes with the classy quality of 5-star restaurants. This is great for adding some good-humored irony to your menu and your wedding as a whole.

Push Pop Desserts

Image Courtesy of Chef in Training

Push pop desserts combine two trends in wedding foods — their easy to eat and oh-so-whimsical. And don’t think this would be a hit with just the kids: we’re sure grown-ups would fight for their share too! Our favorite push-pop sweets are Oreo fudge, Irish cream, strawberry shortcake, candy corn, and Coca-Cola push-pops.

There you have it, 15 ways you can make the food at your wedding more wonderful. From aperitifs to the desserts, your guests are sure to enjoy what you serve them and will have a great time throughout your wedding banquet.

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