15 Trending Wedding Themes in Singapore

Having a themed wedding is just so much fun. While some couples prefer to keep their themes to their wedding receptions or their wedding dinner, some go the extra mile to have specially styled wedding photoshoots! Here are 15 trending wedding themes that everyone is loving, and you can gain inspiration from!

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1. The Great Gatsby

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Perhaps some people are drawn to the bittersweet romance between Gatsby and Daisy. Perhaps some people are attracted by the dazzling lights and the feathers which made everything seem so grand and romantic. Whatever the reason, The Great Gatsby has been the inspiration for many wedding receptions. With the groom looking dapper and suave in a tux, and the bride looking ravishing in a gorgeous gown, you can recreate that luxurious setting.

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What we love: All that glitter, and shades of black and gold will fill your wedding reception with the maximum amount of glam!


2. Wanderlust

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We all have to agree with the quote that “love is meant to be an adventure”. Whether it is to show the wanderlust that is shared between the both of you, or that you’ve conquered a long distance relationship to finally tie the knot, an adventure/travel themed wedding is extremely meaningful and brilliant to have! What an ingenious way to show that you’re all ready to begin a new chapter of life with your soulmate!

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What we love: There are so many great ideas to incorporate into a wanderlust themed wedding! Use a giant globe as a wedding centrepiece; have your guests leave their wishes on a gigantic map. The possibilities are endless!


3. Pastels

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You can never go wrong with pastel colours. The reason why pastel colours have been so popular among couples is because not only does it brighten the entire place with its light hues, it creates such a romantic atmosphere for everyone to in. Incorporate this pastel theme into your decorations and if the guys are adventurous enough, why not break away from the norm and pick out a lovely pastel coloured tux for yourself?

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What we love: The dresses for the bridesmaids always come in one colour and one design, but who doesn’t want to show off and draw everyone’s attention to your lovely sisters and friends? Coordinate their outfits in different shades of pastel for a refreshing change!


4. Garden

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A garden theme can give off a laidback and sunny effect for your wedding. Whether it is done in an actual garden outdoors, or with expertly carpeted grass and tons of lovely blooms, the effects are all the same. Embrace the luscious greenery and the whiffs of floral scent all around at your garden themed wedding!

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What we love: The dainty little flowers add a romantic and adorable touch to the decorations. Being surrounded by nature sure lifts everyone’s spirits!


5. Oriental

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Despite all the creative ideas on how to make your wedding memorable and unique, sometimes the best way would be to keep things simple and going back to basics. Having an oriental themed wedding is not only a good way to embrace your roots, but it also takes the attention away from the intrinsic decorations to focus solely on you.

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What we love: An oriental themed wedding will definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia, making your big day stand out among the rest!


6. Rustic

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Here’s the catch: you want things to look simple and romantic, but you don’t want it to look plain and unsophisticated. A rustic themed wedding will let you have the best of both worlds. While countryside styled weddings are popular in the West, it is difficult to recreate them in Singapore because of the lack of barns and open fields. But with the right touch of flowers and wood, you’re on your way to creating your dream wedding!

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What we love: It’s simple yet extremely chic and warm!


7. Up

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Yes, this heart-warming film from Pixar has captured the hearts of young and old. With balloons, a DIY house and grape soda cap badges, many couples recreated the moving love story from the beloved movie.

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What we love: This is definitely different from the typical Disney weddings! Some couples even coordinated the outfits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen to be wearing badges and the Boys Scouts uniform respectively! This wedding theme idea is both fun and creative.


8. Floral

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Every wedding definitely needs flowers as part of the decorations. But a floral wedding would mean making these blooming beauties the centre of attention at your wedding. It doesn’t always have to be cutesy roses and carnations; some couples pick sunflowers!

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What we love: Decorate an entire canopy with flowers so that you can say your vows under all the blossoms.


9. Tropical

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This wedding theme will suit our dear sunny island! Whether you choose to have it at a beach wedding, or a usual reception, this wedding theme will fill the place with lots of sunshine and happy vibes. Doesn’t it feel exceptionally relaxing and tranquil?

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What we love: It’s green, and it’s fruity! What’s not to love about that?


10. Winter Wonderland

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On the other end of the spectrum, away from the warm sunlight and the vibrant yellow and green colours, many couples opt for a Winter Wonderland themed wedding for its magical and beautiful atmosphere.

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What we love: It’s so easy to create a winter themed wedding! With decoration as white as snow, and playing around with glass to mimic icicles and snowflakes, you can experience winter right at your wedding venue.


11. White

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To match the pristine white of a wedding gown, some couples choose to have an all-white theme for their wedding. White does match with absolutely anything, making it easy to style and coordinate. The colour white also symbolizes purity, innocence and perfection.

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What we love: White is a classic colour choice and it gives a crisp yet romantic feeling!


12. Nautical

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There’s something about that navy blue and white combination that just draws people in like waves (get it get it). With the colour combination for your wedding decorations already settled, the darling little ships and sailor hats add such a whimsical feeling to your wedding!

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What we love: This would be the perfect theme to have at your wedding if you’re holding it near the sea or the beach!


13. Movie

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Calling all movie lovers and cinema goers! A movie themed wedding is extremely quirky and fun, aptly setting the stage for a night of glamour and excitement!

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What we love: 3D movie glasses and popcorns for snacks! Utterly adorable!


14. Alice in Wonderland

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Many couples love the idea of a fantasy wedding, and Alice in Wonderland is the epitome of a fantasy. The interesting characters and vivid plot give lots of room for creativity for your wedding reception decoration and wedding favours.

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What we love: The poker cards that are reminiscent of The Queen of Hearts, and the White Rabbit with a pocket watch, are really the hallmark of an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding! Somehow everything comes together to create a magical spin to any wedding.


15. Something Memorable

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Nothing beats selecting something that is close to the heart. Whether it is something that is significant to the both of you, a passion that the both of you share, or a place that holds lots of memories, they are all good ideas to incorporate into your wedding! What’s best is that it will definitely be unique and special because it solely represents the two of you!

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What we love: Your wedding will definitely be the kind of wedding where your guests would learn so much about the story of the two of you, and it’s great because no two stories are the same!

With so many themes to play around with, you will definitely find one that suits your style and preference!

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