20 Best Wedding Songs

So your invitations have been sent out and your dress (and tux) are all ready, but have you decided on “your jam” during your wedding?

How do you pick the perfect song? First, decide on when you’d be playing the song during your wedding and what mood would you like to create. You can’t help but smile during a sweet ballad, but don’t forget to bring the mood up and get your guests clapping to the beat at the end of your wedding to end it on a high note. Next, always remember to check the lyrics before picking a song. A groovy yet inappropriate song would be the last thing you want to jive to!

There are so many love songs out there and we understand if you’ve cracked your brains but still haven’t found the right one! Thus, here’s our suggested picks of 20 favourite wedding songs, both classic and contemporary, that would definitely be add more pizzazz to your wedding!


1. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Image Courtesy of Top Tens India

Accompanied by lush orchestra sounds, Perri’s soulful voice sings of everlasting love and dedication. Despite being simple in arrangement, this song’s steady and graceful melody will definitely get you swaying to the song. This song is sure to make tears well up in your partner’s eyes as he sees you walking down the aisle with Perri’s soothing voice in the background.




2. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Image Courtesy of Eil

A song by the “King of Rock and Roll” can never go wrong. This classic love song has always topped the charts of wedding songs and it is no surprise, with Presley’s deep voice leaving listeners with a calming feeling. What more can be said about the heart-stirring lyrics? You won’t be able to help it but fall in love with this song too!




3. Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

Image Courtesy of Wikia

This duet will tug at your heart strings as it perfectly sings the words of your heart on what it’s like to be marrying your soulmate. Whether this song is for a sweet wedding montage, or at the top of your wedding playlist, its light-hearted and cheerful tune will get everyone feeling merry.




4. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Image Courtesy of Lite Music FM

Ah, what can we say about this song? Ed Sheeran once again serenades us with his unique voice and his swoon-worthy lyrics. The tender lyrics of the song, singing of an unchanging love as the couple grows old together, captivates listeners with a testimony of a timeless love. Once this song starts playing, there is no stopping your guests from singing along to the crooner’s unique voice.




5. Marry Me by Train

Image Courtesy of Song on Lyrics

The sweetest lyrics like “Now the wait is over / And love has finally shown her my way” got us melting with sheer happiness. With only accompaniment by an acoustic guitar, flute and muted percussion, this ballad’s melody is muted yet its unpretentious and soft nature leaves us enthralled. And that’s the beauty of love. That it doesn’t have to always be bold and loud to be felt or heard.




6. Canon in D cover by The Piano Guys

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

If you haven’t heard of The Piano Guys, you’re seriously missing out! In this original rendition of the well-known Canon in D by Pachelbel, you’ll hear a funky and upbeat remix of the song which will leave you tapping your feet in rhythm. All sounds were expertly created by bowing, plucking, strumming and beating the cello any way possible. How cool is that? Not only would you get to include a classic favourite in your wedding playlist, you’ll surprise your guests with a pleasant and catchy tune!




7. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Image Courtesy of 45cat

This song has been a staple at both weddings and proms as it captivates the hearts of many with its soulful singing and beautiful lyrics. Whether it is played as a first dance song or sung as a dedication song, all brides will definitely shed tears of joy as they feel wonderful on their very special night.




8. Wedding March by Mendelssohn

Image Courtesy of Red MP3

Whether you decide on the full orchestra version or the simple piano rendition, you can never go wrong with this all-time favourite which will make your entrance feel grand with its powerful and impressive tune.




9. Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John

Image Courtesy of 45cat

This well-known track of the film, The Lion King, has become one of the favourites of many couples for its touching lyrics and enchanting melody. Even if you’re not a Disney fan, Elton John’s tender voice still makes this song a must-have in your playlist.




10. She’s Got A Way by Billy Joel

Image Courtesy of All Music

Billy Joel aptly sings what all of the guys feel as they see their soulmate walking down the aisle: “She’s got a way about her / I don’t know what it is / But I know that I can’t live without her”. Let your soon-to-be wife know how much you appreciate and love her by playing (or even singing) this song!




11. When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss

Image Courtesy of All Music

Let your emotions flow freely with this song as it is sure to make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Krauss puts a sweet and lovely spin to this song, making this song even more moving.




12. Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Image Courtesy of Qobuz

Having Adele’s voice fill up the place at your wedding can never be a wrong choice. Even though this song doesn’t flaunt Adele’s powerful vocals, her raw singing and the earnest lyrics still make this song a popular choice at weddings.




13. Treasure by Bruno Mars

Image Courtesy of UK Mix

Now it’s time to get you and your guests bobbing to the funky beats of ‘Treasure’! This song will definitely get everyone heading to the dance floor and is also an upbeat choice for you and your partner to glide down the aisle as husband and wife!




14. How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding

Image Courtesy of Contact Music

Ellie Goulding’s sweet singing mesmerises us yet again and even though the song is a simple one, the lyrics that tell of a girl’s desire to keep loving her partner are definitely meaningful and beautiful.




15. 今天你要嫁给我 (Marry Me Today) by Jolin Tsai and David Tao

Image Courtesy of 7digital

This playful song is a hot favourite among many couples because of the adorable story of how two people anticipate impatiently to marry one another. Not only is it catchy, it also aptly outlines the promises between a married couple! Surprise your guests by playing a Mandarin song; not a common happening in Singapore weddings!




16. Crazier by Taylor Swift

Image Courtesy of Flickr

Sure, Taylor Swift might have gone on to make pop music, but this old-school song is gold. Singing about how mesmerising and magical it is to fall in love, Swift’s vocals and the distinctive country vibe will absolutely light up your wedding.




17. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Image Courtesy of Simply Eighties

Being committed to one another doesn’t just mean celebrating the highs of your relationship, but also being there for each other during the lows. This classic song speaks this truth with its simple yet meaningful lyrics: “If you fall I will catch you – I will be waiting / Time after time”. This would be a perfect choice to play during your reception or during the wedding itself!




18. Everything by Michael Bublé

Image Courtesy of Teen Ink

Bublé’s charming voice and sweet-sounding melody make this song a very sunny number, perfect for a joyous occasion like a wedding. Best of all, the endearing lyrics would make you feel like you’ve really got everything you need with your beloved one by your side!




19. 小酒窝 (Dimples) by JJ Lin and Charlene Choi

Image Courtesy of Yes Asia

Any Singaporean would know JJ Lin and ‘Dimples’ is one of his most popular songs of all time! The sweet and meaningful lyrics of this song, along with JJ Lin’s unique voice will definitely win your heart over to include this as one of your wedding song choices!




20. Stand By You by Rachel Platten

Image Courtesy of Idolator

Even if this might not necessarily feel like a love song, this song is perfect for showing your gratitude and appreciation to your friends and family who have walked this entire journey with the both of you! With its catchy beats and impactful lyrics, this song would be a good ending to your special day!



Remember, the best song is a song that represents the love that you share and one that speaks to both of you. Good luck!

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