20 Unique Coloured Wedding Dresses

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Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. It’s easy to spot the bride at any wedding: the one donning all white, an epitome of ethereal beauty. But who says you can’t have a splash of colour for your wedding gown and still be the belle of the ball? Here are 20 lovely colours to consider that will definitely give your wedding dress a touch of novelty and elegance.


1. Ivory

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Starting with an off-white shade, ivory has a slight tinge of yellow and is a classy and luxurious colour to experiment with. Some may confuse ivory and white, but an ivory coloured gown is creamier than pure white gowns, giving it a fuller and richer feeling.


2. Lilac

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Lilac is a popular colour among brides-to-be for bridesmaid dresses but who says this gorgeous colour can’t be used on a wedding gown? Delicate and understated, a lilac wedding gown is definitely as romantic as a typical white one!


3. Lavender

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A pale shade of purple, the colour lavender gives off a soothing feeling, making your wedding gown even more dreamy and romantic.


4. Peach

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A combination of pink, yellow and orange, a streak of this cheery shade brings any dress to life.


5. Blush

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With a soft pink so muted that you almost can’t tell that it’s there, but enough to give your wedding gown a whimsical and enchanting spin to it.


6. Pale Pink

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If you’ve always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding and being swept off your feet by your Prince Charming, then nothing represents that fantasy as much as a pale pink wedding gown.


7. Champagne

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With tints of yellow and orange, champagne coloured wedding gowns are exceptionally elegant and sophisticated because of its subtle touch of colour.


8. Baby Blue

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There is a reason why blue is everyone’s favourite shade, and it’s definitely because of the endless possibilities with all sorts of shades of blue. With love in the air, an adorable shade of baby blue makes any ordinary wedding gown look dainty and youthful.


9. Royal Blue

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Just like the name suggests, a gown in royal blue will definitely make you feel like royalty. This deep and dark shade complements a satin finishing the best, giving the entire wedding gown a touch of opulence.


10. Mint

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Almost everyone is a huge fan of pastel colours but we certainly don’t see enough of this lovely mint colour. Combining the romantic and endearing hues of pastel and adding a surprise element to your wedding gown, this colour definitely gives you the best of both worlds.


11. Coral

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If you want an artful blend of darling pastel colours and a striking pop of colour, a coral wedding dress would be absolutely suitable. With the right design, you can turn this popular “bridesmaid dress colour” into an absolute stunner. For most Asian skin tones with a hint of yellow, coral would make a good choice!


12. Cream

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Another off-white colour, cream is a warm and dreamy pastel colour. This would be the go-to colour for a vintage or rustic styled wedding!


13. Red

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Nothing represents romance and love like a daring dash of red. Not only does it exude a sensual charm, this colour will go perfectly with an oriental themed wedding.


14. Black

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This might not settle well with many, but some find black wedding gowns incredibly stunning and beautiful. And we all have to agree that black always makes us look good, doesn’t it?


15. Gold

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Shine among the glitz and glamour by opting for a classic gold look. Be it a dazzling golden sheen or shining gold embellishments, this unique colour is checking all the boxes for a stylish look.


16. Silver

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If gold is classic, then a silver wedding gown combines both elegance and luxury. While it cannot be overdone, a careful touch of silver would instantly make everyone marvel at the sight of this unique piece.


17. Emerald Green

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A rare choice for wedding gowns, but this bold colour would definitely bring out your unique personality. Some might find bright green dresses a little too fanciful, but emerald green is sophisticated without going over the top. Emerald green is also known for complementing any skin tone!


18. Fuchsia

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Named after the flower of a fuchsia plant, this colour is definitely eye-catching and daring. Similar to a bright hot pink, fuchsia combines pink and purple hues to produce a unique and distinct colour.


19. Brown

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From coffee brown to chocolate brown, brown gives the depth and edge of a dark colour and the intensity of any warm colour. If you have a warm skin tone, a brown wedding dress would definitely make you appear more alluring.


20. Pistachio

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With light discernible traces of green, pistachio gives the dress a pale colour, making your wedding gown a beautiful enchanting feeling. An incredibly unique colour choice, you’ll definitely get your guests talking all night about this captivating colour.

Even though white has always been the traditional colour for wedding gowns, don’t be afraid to experiment with all the lovely shades and hues and you might find yourself liking them better than the conventional colours!

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