20 Unique Venues To Get Married In Singapore

In Bride Wars we’ve witnessed the ferocity that comes with fighting for venues absolutely perfect to utter your vows to seal you in holy matrimony. Some places might hold some significance for you, be it a certain chapel or maybe even a hotel banquet, why not veer a little from the usual venues? You might even find a location you prefer more to the one you had initially. Check out our list of the top 20 most unique places to get married!

1) Marine Bookings

There is no classier opening then one where the silhouettes of you both are stretched across the surface of the sea as you utter your ‘I do’s. Bathed in the genial warmth of the sunset splayed on deck, this is the dream wedding location if you have always loved the sea. With a variety of yachts, you can pick one that can meet the number of guest you invite!

Capacity: 20-45 guests

Photo by Marine Bookings

2) Jurong Bird Park

Fancy an adventure? Let your love take flight at Jurong Bird Park, amongst nature and wildlife. The Lakeview Ballroom is an air-conditioned venue that comes with a magnificent view of flamingos right outside the window. The wedding package comes with a buffet and decorations including an exclusive buggy pick-up service upon arrival & departure of the Bridal Couple. You even get to release a pair of lovebirds after the solemnisation; love is definitely in the air!

Capacity: 260 guests

Photo by Jurong Bird Park

3) Universal Studios Singapore

There’s nothing like Happily Ever After than a wedding in Universal Studios Singapore, say ‘I do’ in front of the Far Far Away castle, or drive though New York in a snazzy sedan! With the monumental New York Library providing a regal backdrop for saying your wedding vows, this is a wedding unlike any other. Fancy seeing Marilyn Monroe having dinner amongst your guests? USS’ mascots will make a special appearance at this thrilling wedding, and couples will have the chance to ride on one of the attractions throughout the night. After all, ‘life is a roller coaster just gotta ride it’, and what better way than with your other half on your big day?

Capacity: 200- 250 guests

Photo by Vetta Quartet

Photo by Resort World Sentosa

4) Gardens By the Bay

With such a picturesque name like Flower Field Hall, you can expect your wedding venue to be even quainter. Engage all your senses with a changing Flower Field display, (not a screensaver visual, mind you) and a breath-taking treat of the Marina Bay skyline. The LED lights contribute to the romantic mood too, infusing the room with a myriad of colours. If you’ve always wanted to tie the knot amongst nature, without risking the heat, this is the perfect place for you.

Capacity: 700 guests

Photo by Gardens by the Bay

5) Singapore Island Country Club

Getting married on a lush green golf course might be your dream wedding aesthetic, but an outdoor wedding in our summer torridity might actually pose as a health hazard. Why not take it indoors without compromising on the initial plan. The refined Grand Ballroom overlooks the championship golf course and its surroundings of the nature reserve with an impressive panoramic panel. The wedding package comes with 3 different options for a dinner banquet under the crystal chandeliers hanging overhead.

Capacity: 500 guests

Photo by Singapore Island Country Club

6) S.E.A. Aquarium

Witness the aquatic creatures glide across the world’s largest aquarium viewing panel and then onto your plate when dinner is served (just kidding). Still the graceful movements of these sea creatures provide a sense of serenity and calmness. Doused in the cool tones and hues reflecting off the panoramic glass panel, is sure to take your breath away. A Malaysian tycoon was the first to book this venue for his son’s wedding, in September 2013, of course a wedding as extravagant as this comes at at hefty price tag of $0.8 million dollars. Looks like you either go big, or go home.

Capacity: 240 guests

Photo by Resort World Sentosa Blog

7) The Maritime Experiential Museum

Having a wedding here almost seems like random decision, but there is a tinge of oriental beauty and charm the maritime artefacts provide. The culmination is definitely Bao Chuan, the flapship of Admiral Zheng He, anchored in the middle of your cocktail reception or banquet dinner. Your love is reflected by the timelessness of the exhibits- so true, so devoted, so pure.

Capacity: 120- 150

Photo by Resort World Sentosa

8) Stables

No fairy-tale wedding is complete without horses, The Marmalade Pantry boasts not only one horse but an entire stable who of foals! Located right at Bukit Timah Stables, within a colonial terrace the monochrome façade complements the surrounding properties. The overall aesthetic makes for a possible themed wedding of your choice, with horses greeting guests as they saunter in.

Capacity: 88

Photo by Urban Journey

9) The White Rabbit

It’s a surprise that this rustic setting at Dempsey is not more popular with engaged couples. This restaurant-bar hybrid stands in a gorgeous restored 1940’s chapel, with more than one venue to host a wedding. The main dining area is nestled in the middle of the chapel with stained glass windows adorning the sides of the walls, retaining that fairy-tale charm. The garden is open for outdoor weddings if you prefer to bask in the dreaminess of it. The White Rabbit provides 2 sets of 3 different wedding packages, tailored exclusively to that old English magic at your wedding.

Capacity: 120 indoors, 60 outdoors

Photo by The White Rabbit and its Facebook page

10) Chijmes

Plenty of chapels in Singapore have rigid pre-requisites when it comes to getting married, one of which is both couples have to be Christians. This may eliminate many options for couples seeking to get married in a chapel but are not Christians. Chijmes provides the perfect setting with a century old chapel. The authenticity of this place dates back to 1904, you’d feel a mix of tradition with a modern twist as you walk down the aisle to partake in holy matrimony.

Capacity: 300

Photo by Watabe Wedding Chijmes and its Facebook page

11) Hort Park

If Fort Canning is too old-fashioned or boring for you, why not host your wedding at a newer park? After all the grass is always greener on the other side isn’t it? It also comes at a lower cost, designating more budget for other aspects of your wedding. Hort Park boasts an air-conditioned hall that leads to a HortLawn, available for booking at an additional cost.

Capacity: 200

Photo by Bokehlicious

12) The Star

It is not the first venue that comes to mind when getting hitched, but surprisingly it works. The Star stays true to its name with The Star Loft, framed by glass panels allowing maximum exposure to the night sky above yet not compromising on your privacy with a private deck. The Star Gallery on the other hand has flexible configuration based on your needs, the entire banquet hall comes with a celling filled with lights as if mimicking the night sky. Sign up now and you might even get 10% promotion on wedding packages, valid until 31 Dec 2015.

Capacity: The Star Loft- 110, The Star Gallery- 490

Photo by The Star

13) Wave House Sentosa

Beach weddings have been in vogue for a while now, but in a sea of typical beach weddings, how do you stand out from the rest? You do it right next to not one but two wave rides! The wave rides come at an additional booking fee, instantly converting your wedding into a beach club and your guests are bound to have an insanely wild time. It comes with customisable food and beverage packages, and bespoke menus tailored to each wedding, with various venues to suit your guest capacity.

Capacity: 300 (Beach Front) 80 (Alfresco) 100 (Terrace Lounge) Restaurant (70)

Photo by Sentosa

14) Sands Sky Park

Marina Bay Sands seems like the go to place to get married, with accommodation, incredible views, and plenty of locations within to hold a banquet, all wrapped up in one place. Featured in many photo shoots and recognised internationally, you are guaranteed stunning views from such a great height. Pick a venue of your choice within the SkyPark- go big or go home, choose the Observation Deck for a visual feast, or a less ostentatious location like the North and South Gardens.

Capacity: Observation Deck- 500, North Garden: 250, South Garden 200
(standing cocktail) $65, 000, $20,000

Photo by Marina Bay Sands

15) Tamarind Hill

There is no place that is more photogenic, this historic colonial abode resides in Labrador Nature Reserve, and is clearly defined by its rustic-luxe façade, with Asian character and flair, it provides a respite from the city. The unique selling point of this venue is the Thai menu, the culinary delight brings something new to the table and to guests. Sprawling over 12,000 square feet, couples have the option to hold their wedding inside or outside or even both depending on your preferences.

Capacity: 200 (indoors + outdoors)

Photo by Tamarind Restaurants

16) Tanjong Beach Club

Want to recreate your very own Zoukout beach rave? Or perhaps you prefer a more intimate affair; Tanjong Beach club has got you covered! The distinct dining area is accompanied with a mezzanine that has additional seating facing the pool and the sea. The 6 metre tall dining area opens up with 3 metre high glass doors to a pool deck and a beach. This beach wedding retains the authenticity of the sand and sea while remaining effortlessly chic.

Capacity: Restaurant- 240, Beach- 100

Photo by Tanjong Beach Club

17) Singapore Flyer

Dreaming of getting married with a view? What about saying ‘I do’ 165 metres above the ground? Take your pick, tranquil waters snaking in the fabric of the cityscape in the glorious day or when night falls, a cloak of magic dusted upon the waters, either way this is an intimate white veiled affair you don’t want to miss! The Singapore Flyer provides two different wedding packages that include an optional add-on of a customised name carving of the bride and groom in-capsule and a pair of vouchers redeemable for a Singapore Flyer flight on your first wedding anniversary. Hop on for the ride that will change your life!

Capacity: 26

Photo by Singapore Flyer

18) The Arts House

Maybe you met at the museum, or while watching a play, museums provide an ambience that other regular wedding venues cannot. Perhaps it’s the elegant architecture not common in Singapore, or the poetic articles attached to the building, either way all you culture buffs wouldn’t pass up a place like the Arts House to tie the knot. Have your solemnization at the old parliament; with a layout similar to the place where the Royal Wedding was, you are bound to feel like royalty.

Capacity: 200

Photo by Ivan Tan Photography, courtesy of The Arts House Singapore

Photo by Framewerks, courtesy of The Arts House Singapore

19) Zouk

Get Grandpa to get his funk on in Singapore’s number one nightspot. Rihanna once sang, ‘We found love in a hopeless place’ perhaps you should get hitched right at the very place you both first met. Life is a dance party and its time to grab your partner! Zouk has all 5 rooms up for booking, (Zouk, Phuture, Velvet Underground Dance & Longue and Wine Bar). Get turnt with the Technicolor lights!

Capacity: 1000 (Zouk), 250 (Phuture) 150 (Velvet Underground- Dance) 100 (Velvet Underground- Lounge) 100 (Wine Bar)

Photo by Asia Bars, courtesy of Zouk Club Singapore

20) The Jewel Box at Mount Faber

Marriage is an exclusive affair, if you want to make your marriage more exclusive, hold it at The Jewel Box at Mount Faber, where you’d be needing a cable car to reach. The Jewel Box has a variety of locations, indoor and outdoor options for couples’ preferences. Try out The Private Dining Room- almost like an observatory, with a gorgeous scene of Sentosa Island and harbour.

Capacity: 200 (Ballroom) 210 (Spuds and Aprons) 140 (Moonstone) 60 (Private Dining Room)

Photo by 88db, courtesy of The Jewel Box Singapore

There you go! How does a wedding at Zouk sound to you? Who needs starchy suits and uncomfortable ball gowns when you can say ‘I do’ in beach wear at Wavehouse Sentosa? Head for your first ride together as a married couple at Universal Studios Singapore, the possibilities are limitless let these options widen them more. Now where’s that waiting list for the Singapore Flyer Solemnization?

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