20 Unique Venues To Get Married Overseas

We know just how incredulous the world can get sometimes, but a little search on the Internet just proved how little we knew of the world. Maybe love does drive some people insane and these wacky places are perhaps just a reflection of the love between them, (and you thought the ones in Singapore were overboard). From a Hobbiton wedding to one in everyone’s favourite fast food restaurant Mac D’s, the extravagant to the severely cheap, here is a list of 20 unique places to tie the knot from around the world.

1) Hot Air Balloon

There is a smattering amount of hot air balloon weddings services all around the globe, the picturesque setting is one not to miss, with an array of colours scattered across the cerulean sky when a bevy of balloons take flight at the same time. Even if it’s a solo fight in the wee hours in the morning from 4:30am- 6:30am, the sight of the sun peeking from the horizon sure it’s magical. Australia, New Mexico, Florida, South Africa are some places that offers such services. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta even has a wedding package with a 40’x40’ heated tent with and outdoor patio to hold the reception afterwards. This is an airventure you wouldn’t wanna miss!

Photo by Jennifer Werneth Photography

2) MacDonald’s

In Hong Kong, the greatest fast food conglomerate offers a wedding package, which includes 2 hour venue rental, 50 McDonaldland character gifts, a pair of McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, an emcee, unique decorations and even more. The rather affordable package at $1,290 is slowly gaining traction with couples as they choose to wed in MacDonald’s. Its not just weddings, but engagement parties, bridal showers and even proposals too! Say ‘I’m lovin’ it!’ instead of ‘I do’ at your wedding!

Photo by McDonald’s Hong Kong

3) Pirate ship

I’d imagine couples that would want to get married on board a pirate ship are the best kind of couples around. The Black Raven located in St Augustine, Florida, a pirate ship marketed as an attraction, pulls a Jack Sparrow, allowing couples 2 wedding packages. Have Captain Blackbird oversea your union and go through the Pirate Wedding vows, in the Forecastle Wedding “Chapel” followed by performances by the ship’s crew. Fret not, you don’t have to compromise on fashion and look like a Halloween costume gone wrong just to get married, stay chic and still get married pirate style on the Black Raven!

Photo by Black Raven

4) Roller Coaster

It seems to be like these days you can pretty much get married anywhere. At New York New York a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, you can take the plunge and get wed on a roller coaster! The Big Apple Coaster, featuring a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive manoeuvre is the very first in the world. Each wedding ceremony takes place in 15 minute intervals, all you have to prepare is your Marriage License at your ceremony, then off you go, the perfect metaphor for marriage as you go through the ups and downs of life together.

Photo by New York New York

5) Igloo

Dreaming of a Frozen white wedding? Every nook and cranny absolutely unstained and pure, and whiter than light itself, there can only be one possible option, an igloo of course! In Finland, Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, the humble igloo is elevated into an ice church chapel. That’s not just it; aurora borealis paints the night sky forming an enchanting setting, want to make an entrance? Do it reindeer style by riding into the wedding site on a sleigh!

Photo by Kakslautten Artic Resort

6) Castle

It makes the most sense to get married in a castle; it is the typical fairy-tale ending most people envision. You cannot get grander than a wedding hosted in a castle, the medieval charm is authentic and cannot be recreated elsewhere. There are a number of websites to help you find a castle; based in Yorkshire Celtic Castles is an award wining castle-booking company, with a bevy of castles up for booking Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh and French Châteaux. This is the happily ever after you deserve.

Photo by Celtic Castles

7) Grand Canyon

Nothing says rock and roll like a wedding held in the Grand Canyon, the historic archaeological landmark. It may seem odd to hold a wedding surrounded not by lush greenery but dust covered rocks. Well you might be wrong. Standing in the presence of these majestic cliffs makes for one of the most inspiring places to get hitched. Not ot worry about pesky tourist who might wander into your wedding unknowingly, the Grand Canyon wedding package promises privacy with some secluded locations right on the rim. There are a variety of packages from Basic Elopement (involving just the bride and groom) to larger groups where couples can customised it according to their needs.

Photo by Grand Canyon Weddings Packages

8) Haunted Hotel

If ‘REDRUM’ is more than just a type of liquor to you, perhaps you would be familiar with Stephen King’s The Shining. The Stanley located in Estes Park, Colorado is the inspiration for King’s novel and subsequent film. The haunted history dates back to the 1950’s, and every room has had a ghostly encounter, items being misplaced, or lights flickering, even the distinct laughter of children running down the corridor on the fourth floor. Rest assured that these encounters are never ‘evil’, so rest assured there wont be any trouble at your wedding! There are a number of locations within the compound, from the MacGregor Ballroom overlooking the Rocky Mountain to the outdoor Front Lawn with equally mesmerising views of Long Peaks and Lake Estes. Couples in for a thrilling spook, this is the place for you!

Photo by The Stanley

9) Underwater

How deep can your love go? Take it underwater, amongst aquatic creatures; it almost feels like a space odyssey with underwater helmets and special white bridal dive suits. Bora Bora Underwater Wedding by TopDive offers such a service in the clean crispy almost mystical waters of Bora Bora in the French Polynesia. Not to worry if the silence of the ocean puts some distance between you two, the helmets you don are equipped with waterproof audio players to help you through the ceremony. There’s even an underwater chapel 13 ft underwater to tie the knot, get wet and get wed!

Photo by Bora Bora Underwater Weddings

10) Hobbiton

Lord of the Ring fans, rejoice, all those years of watching Bilbo Baggins and his band of merry hobbits does amount to something. This is the closest you’ll ever get to enter the world conjured by Tolkien- by getting married on the movie set- Hobbiton. Amongst the adorable Hobbit holes, the green pastures of New Zealand make a picturesque setting for your wedding. Hobbiton offers wedding packages too, with rustic menus you’d only expect to come out from the epic fantasy series, including ‘Fresh Hobbiton bread’ and ‘Green Dragon spreads’. Don’t forget to include the famous line Arwen from LOTR once said in your wedding vows, ‘I would still rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.’

Photo by Hobbiton Tours

11) In the Sky

Outdo whatever competition in holy matrimony in this outrageous wedding in the sky. Ever wanted angels to overlook your little wedding ceremony amongst the clouds? Take to they sky, after all the higher the better. Marriage in the Sky allows couples to get wed on a metallic platform, hoisted 50m in the air. It accommodates 20 guests secured safely in aircraft seats. If being married in thinner atmosphere is not thrilling enough, couples can opt to bungee jump together form the platform after the ceremony.

Photo by Dinner in the Sky

12) Barn

You might think only the Amish get married in barns in this day and age, plus why would anyone want an assortment of fowl and foal to be special guests at your wedding? Well a barn does posses that sort of timeless vintage charm, of course it isn’t a rundown dilapidated sort of barn you see at ailing farms, The Rustic Wedding Barn is secretly modern. Alarmingly red, it is located at Steinbach the most historical architectural elements have been preserved, the only new thing is a concrete floor made to look like weathered hardwood. Without a doubt, the high speed Wi-Fi the barn promises is an alluring factor. Be it straw bales or church pews for your guests to sit on, this wedding on the prairie sure is one to remember.

Photo by Manuel F. Sousa Photography

Photo by The Rustic Wedding Barn

13) Walking Weddings

Perhaps the most bizarre, offbeat type of couple would prefer a wedding with no specific location. ‘Wherever my feet bring me, I go’ sort of hippie couples. Perhaps that was the demographic Stepping Beyond Waking Weddings was targeting. A service located in Herefordshire, a quaint countryside town, the wedding walk will be planned based on a route around the area. It is a simple yet fresh concept, taking couples towards or from their wedding ceremony with or without their wedding party, this is of course entirely up to the couple’s discretion. The exact location of vow exchanging would take place is also decided by the couple. This is definitely a walk to remember.

Photo by Stepping Beyond Walking Weddings

14) Safari

Animal lovers, look beyond the zoo or pet shop as potential wedding places. The African Safari is teeming with wildlife, adventure and excitement, and full of surprises too- well surprise, it is possible to tie the knot in a safari! At the Southern section of the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga, lies Sabi Sabi a private game reserve in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. It has a variety of camps and lodges dotted over the African plains to host your wedding. You could be overlooking a waterhole at sunset or in the foyer in front of a water feature- pick a place and the rest will be taken care of by Sabi Sabi! This new standard of safari-luxe is sure to be a roaring occasion!

Photo by Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodge

15) Stonehenge

What’s the deal with getting hitched amongst a bunch of rocks? Well a Stonehenge wedding is unlike any regular wedding. It involves handfasting, an old Pagan custom where two people will declare a binding union between themselves tying their wrists together with a ribbon- literally tying the knot. In fact, couples even get to enter the inner circle of stones, which has been closed to public access since 1978 just to get married.

Photo by Stonehenge Tours

16) Treehouse

Perhaps you and your other half are childhood sweethearts, already spent a lifetime of summers playing house in the treehouse at your backyard. Go full circle and take it back to the start with a treehouse wedding! It is the right amount of whimsy and not too childish. Treehouse Point in Washington allows couples rental of their treehouses with lodging too. Guests are encouraged to plug out and bask in nature’s solitude and calm. With a treehouse wedding Tarzan ain’t got nothing on you!

Photo by Treehouse Point

17) Bridge

Adding on to the list of seemingly random places to wed, couples can get married on bridges too. Above or under, it doesn’t seem to matter, towering over the Thames River, the Tower Bridge in London hosts weddings, its glass floors an incentive for potential couples to get married. St John’s Bridge in Cathedral Park, Portland has exquisite gothic arches beneath it almost looks like a cathedral. A bridge is a metaphorical of the transition couples go through from dating to married, be it above, on or below, a bridge is always a good place to get wed.

Photo by Tower Bridge

18) Cave

If stalactites and stalagmites are part of your daily vocabulary or if you’re just really adventurous you might actually want to consider a cave wedding. Appreciating the beauty of caves might be an acquired taste; even so there are a number of caves that double up as wedding venues too. Jenolan Caves in Australia cater to weddings too, with various caves up for bookings.

Photo by Kumbayah Photography

19) Disney

Ah, of course, the real life fairy tale. Unlike the castle wedding, this really feels like a fairytale. Disney provides 4 places of your choosing, Florida, California, Hawai’I and Cruise You are pretty much spoilt for choice, it could be a horse drawn carriage to come whisk you both away or a dazzling display of fireworks as a backdrop after you both say ‘I do’. A Disney wedding is in a league of its own; there really is no competition.

Photo by Disney Weddings

20) 99cent store

Broke but in love? Well apparently you can get married for just under a dollar. In order to commemorate the date 9/09/09, The 99 Cents Only Store hosted weddings of 9 different couples in the Sunset Boulevard Branch. The couples exchanged their vows in aisle 9 of course. The couples even received a tongue-in-cheek receipt in case they needed to refund their marriage. The Beatles once sang ‘Money can’t buy me love’ but well you sure can at a grand total of $0.99.

Photo by Popsugar

Who would’ve thought that you could spend less than a dollar on an entire wedding? Regardless of budget, all these interesting wedding venues are a celebration of love be it in the depths of Bora Bora or up in the air in the meadows of Australia, the two words to seal a marriage remains the same.

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