2016 Fall / Winter Global Bridal Fashion

New gown collections making their appearances on runways all over the world breathes fresh insight into the world of bridal fashion every season. This time round, we bring to you the 2016 Fall / Winter Global Bridal Fashion. Be awed by the different cultures demonstrated through the designs from different countries such as London, New York, France, Italy and many more!


1. London, UK

Ritva Westenius

Ritva Westenius is an award winning bridal gown designer that has been at the forefront of bridal couture for over 35 years. Her creative interpretation of bridal fashion has led her to become the symbol of British style. She graduated with a BA hons degree in London University followed by Diploma in Art and Design and finally Teachers Certificate.

She has also a Post Graduate education in Business and Marketing in London College of Fashion. This includes a course in advanced pattern cutting, draping and creative tailoring. Ritva Westenius then finally launched her own luxury couture wedding gown collection in the West End of Central London in 1977.

Photo by London Bridal Fashion Week

Her pieces are elegant and are made of high quality fabrics. She uses her creativity with a keen eye on modernity to create wedding gowns that are beautifully crafted. She is also known for being meticulous in her construction and craftsmanship. The design above features an ultimate slipper satin with beaded ribbon tulle that is simple and elegant. It emphasises on the perfect fit, structure and proportion. Not only that, this piece features a long sleeve to help cover those arms to brace the winter cold.


2. New York, US

Vera Wang

Vera Wang, a native New Yorker, made a sweeping makeover of the bridal industry in 1990 with the opening of her flagship salon at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. Her salon showcases collections that are sophisticated, detailed and modern. She was also named the “Womenswear Designer of the Year” in 2005 by The Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Photo by Vera Wang

Photo by Vera Wang

Vera Wang’s ready-to-wear collections includes signature layering, intricate draping and exquisite attention to detail as shown by her bridal piece above. She is also not afraid to experiment with black, a colour that is not widely use in the bridal fashion. Her brand reflects her aim to create designs that goes beyond core bridal and into ready-to-wear. These collections are positioned at the highest end of the luxury market and hold significant customer appeal. The majority of her bridal collection are manufactured in company-owned workrooms in the United States. Similar to Ritva Westenius’s wedding design, Vera Wang’s pieces also feature the long sleeve that helps keep warm in cooler temperatures. Now who says long sleeves are not as chic?


3. France

Delphine Manivet

Being already 10 years in the bridal fashion, Delphine Manivet has maintained the style and consistency of his wedding dresses. He gives particular attention to the use of materials that come exclusively from France and Italy. His collection features light silks, cottons, lace and embroidery.

aw-delphine-manivet-1 aw-delphine-manivet-2
Photo by Wedding Gown Town

Both pieces above feature the plunging V neckline that makes it so classy. Brides can choose between the sheer three-quarter sleeved bridal dress or opt for a more Bohemian looking long sleeved dress that is looser and more comfortable.


4. Italy

Giuseppe Papini

Giuseppe Papini has a leading role in the Italian wedding dress manufacturing sector in Italy. The brand not only produces quality pieces, it also takes into careful consideration of the Italian wedding dress tradition. He began his career as a designer working with famous Italian brands such as Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. In 2003, he decided to focus on his own Italian wedding dress collection. His Italian Bridal brand managed to establish itself in the international bridal market. The Italian craftsmanship is internationally recognized in the global bridal market.

Photo by Giuseppe Papini

The piece above features a light and dynamic wedding dress that brings out the silhouette of the bride. It is uniquely manufactured with top quality fabrics. His production of Italian wedding dresses also go through rounds of examination to ensure qualitative excellence. This A-line dress allows layering underneath to brace the cold weather. Perfect for fall!


5. Pakistani

Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani is a leading Pakistani fashion designer that specializes in Pakistani bridal dresses and smart formals.

Photo by Tena Durrani

This unique wedding design features a neckline embellished in jewellery necklace pattern with crystals and sequins. This is not the usual white wedding gown but a cream coloured dress that brings out the traditions of Pakistani. With a hint of red and turquoise that lines the ends of the dress, this unique piece is a must-have for the winter season.


6. Nashville, Tennessee

Olia Zavozina

Olia Zavozina is a Nashville based bridal designer. Her collection features the classic, sophisticated silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and customized designs. Her gowns are also beautifully structured to fit the silhouettes of brides. She also uses luxurious fabrics and exclusive laces. Olia Zavozina’s gowns have been featured in major media platforms like People Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides.com.

Photo by Olia Zavozina

Photo by Olia Zavozina

The piece above is versatile as it consists of 3 separates: the high waisted pants, corset and removable sleeves. Brides are spoilt for choices because the Bradley pants are also available as an A-line skirt which allows for layering underneath for fall. This bridal fashion with the high waisted pants is also wearable after the wedding, for a formal dinner or event.

Olia offers her brides the opportunity to pair the separates for different occasions to create the dream gown for their wedding. She believes in allowing brides to choose what works best for themselves. What a thoughtful designer!


7. Russia

Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko is a Russian designer whose first couture collection was warmly received because of its blend of Russian military and fairy tale influences.

Photo by Zaychishka

The bridal gown featured above has a unique bohemian puffed up sleeve that covers only up till the elbow. This retains the Russian traditional dresses but is altered a little with a touch of modernity. Yet again, the A-line skirt allows for layering underneath for the cooler temperatures of fall.


8. Korea

Laura Park

Laura Park is the current designer of LeeHwa, the 4th generation woman in the family line to bring the family trade into the markets of America. Since she was a young girl, she had the determination to infuse Korean traditional designs with that of Western styles. In her early 20’s, she left her home in Seoul, South Korea to open her small studio in Los Angeles, CA in 1993.

With her unlimited creativity, she succeeded in creating the Korean fusion wedding dress and has helped hundreds of Korean American brides to find the hanbok fusion dress in Los Angeles. Also by consistently promoting the blend of Eastern and Western designs, her new fusion designs are more widely accepted in modern society today.

Photo by LeeHwa Wedding

This fusion design above is of exceptional quality and elegance. While retaining the colour white and adding the traditional gold patterns from a hanbok, it is no wonder than the modern brides today are more accepting of this new fusion.


9. Tokyo, Japan


Aliansa is a wedding dress company that provides customization to help brides find the right fit. Their designs infuse the traditional Kimono dress.

Photo by Aliansa


10. China

Ji Cheng

Ji Cheng, an award-winning Chinese designer, is recognised as one of China’s leading designers and influencers. Her designs blend the Chinese elements into the modern day wedding gowns. She established her fashion label, La vie, in 2002, which combines the Chinese elements with contemporary tailoring. In 2006, Ji Cheng was selected as one of China’s most sought-after fashion designers and was also awarded with the Shanghai Creative Leaders Award.

aw-jicheng-1 aw-jicheng-2
Photo by La Vie

The wedding dress above is unique to the label because it features the word “xi” in Chinese on the back of its gown. This Chinese character frequently appears in weddings to signify happiness. It is a symbol usually used in red and is believed to bring good luck. How distinctive is this design that incorporates the widely used motif in Chinese weddings!

What an eye feast we have had for this 2016 Fall Winter Collection. Global bridal fashion is more widely accepted by the modern day brides today, so why not try on a few of them and decide for yourself which to pick for the wedding day? If not, you could wear them for pre wedding photoshoots for keepsakes!

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