3 Best Ways to Work Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is that one day that you will cherish and look back on again and again for the rest of your life. To make sure you have great photographs to help you remember that special day by, you should take care to arrange the elements in each shot so that the pictures appear as perfect as the event is in your heart. Here are three ways to do this.

Bride and groom kiss

Take good, relaxed poses

Even if you don’t have your ideal body, you can look great on your wedding photos if you just remember to take good poses. Keep a straight posture to make yourself look taller and slimmer – slouching will give you the opposite effect – but don’t do it so much that instead you appear tense and stiff. Standing straight will also make you look more elegant and convey a feeling of enthusiasm and happiness.

If you’re not very photogenic, take directions from your photographer and just try to be comfortable in how you naturally look. Don’t overthink your poses and don’t exaggerate your expressions. A simple way to get a relaxed but postured poses is to have your friends first take your pictures or have your pictures taken with your entourage until you’ve eased into a perfect pose and found the right expressions. Professional wedding photographers in Singapore normally have a good personality that helps their clients get comfortable. They are also good at capturing moments when their subjects are at their best poses.

Good lighting makes good photos

Lighting is essential to taking great pictures. Therefore, proper lighting should be a major consideration when you select your wedding venue. When looking for your wedding location, consider whether it has good natural lighting or that you can adjust the lighting to make it suitable for photography. If you are having the wedding under the sun, make sure that you have a shaded area (such as trees and canopies); if you’re having an evening wedding, place a lot of lights around the place to properly illuminate the occasion.

Once you have decided upon a location, take some test shots to have a better idea of how the photos will look in photographs in the actual event. You should also check that both the exterior and interior of your location has good lighting, as this will give you more options where to take your photos and guarantee you against unforeseen events like bad weather conditions or lights that don’t work. Also, make sure that your wedding photographer knows about your wedding locations and its light setting so that he can bring the appropriate equipment.

Work with your environment

Don’t be afraid to interact with your setting and make it part of your wedding. Use props if you think it would enhance the look and feel of a shot. For example, if you’re having your wedding in one of the beautiful gardens here in Singapore, pose along flowers or a tree or let the greens serve as your background. Ask the help of your wedding photographer to tastefully utilize your surroundings. Professional photographers are good at coming up with ideas on how to make a picture stand out with just the given elements.

You can also take unexpected events a part of your wedding. If your garden wedding got rained upon, for example, you can have pictures of you and your partner sharing an umbrella. Did the sun set too soon or is the wind blowing a little too strongly? Take advantage of these surprises: kiss with the golden light shining on you or pose as your veil and hem gently blow in the wind. You’ll be surprised how wonderful some spontaneous photos could be.

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