3 Steps to Creating a Stunning Wedding Montage

During the window periods before your grand march-ins, a wedding montage is usually played over to let your guests see a deeper side of you and your spouse, and your relationship. As all eyes are glued to your mini movie, wouldn’t you want it to be as interesting as possible?

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In just a matter of minutes, you will take your guests in a journey of your childhood, the years of you growing up, until the moment when you and your partner finally met, and the many special moments you’ve shared as a couple until this very day when you’ve vowed to spend the rest of your life together.

Doesn’t the description alone sound magical already? Yet, a poorly-made montage can be underwhelming, making your guests yawn rather than go ‘Yeah!’ So, to create a stunning wedding montage, here’s Perfect Weddings’ top 3 tips.

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1) An Interesting Mixture
Choose pictures that show you developing into the beautiful people that you’ve become. For each of you and your spouse, include baby pictures, then you as a kid (blowing a birthday candle, playing with toys, learning how to bike, etc.), then you in your school years (on your high school uniform, during your prom, doing university activities, etc.), and so on. For your pictures as a couple, intersperse photos you’ve taken yourself with those taken professionally by your photographer to add more dimension in your montage.

2) Slideshow Motion
Many montages I’ve come across use the same old way of transition – the classic fade in and fade out. While, this is an evergreen technique, using solely these same effects tend to create a solemn, dull mood. If possible, include slow rotation and zoom effects to be added in to add more life and personality to the montage. These would make your viewers interested to watch and keep them anticipating the progression of the photos.

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3) Music!
Recently copyright owners have been cracking down on unauthorized use of copyrighted songs for private functions, including weddings. If you are concerned about that, try finding a friend or relative who can play musical instruments well. You can record the music they play and use it in your montage, and it will make such a special and personal accompaniment to your montage! Alternatively, you can hire a professional wedding band to play on your wedding, including the music for your wedding montage.

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