3 Tips for Your Make Up Trial

Plenty of ladies include a make-up trial in their wedding timeline so as to evaluate how they would look like with their make-up on their big day. This is especially good if you don’t normally wear make-up or you want to try a totally different image. Below you’ll find some useful information on what to expect during your make-up trial.

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Make-Up Assessment: Your Skin
If you are visiting a cosmetics specialist or a salon for your make-up trial, listen to your beautician’s tips and tricks on how to care for your skin. Understand that it will be hard to use make-up as a concealer if your skin is not well maintained. These tips would probably include proper ways of exfoliation, maintaining skin balance, using sun block and similar tricks on how to look beautiful even prior to putting on make-up. Do these tips to ensure your skin has a great quality and ready for the big day.

Make-Up Assessment: Emphasis
Another useful tip your specialist may advise is regarding focus. This pertains to choosing which features of your face to focus on so that the overall effect of your make-up looks alluring without being overly done. Take the eye, for example: using eye shadow, liner and mascara should sufficiently bring out the look you want. If you do this, avoid using bright lipsticks so as not to take the focal point from your eyes. Conversely, if you wish to highlight your lips, keep your eye make-up at a minimum.

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Make-Up Assessment: Color
There’s no single make-up style for all brides: each bride can enhance her looks in different ways. If you have pure black irises, for example, choose bright and warm eye shadows like chocolate, persimmon or deep pink. For grey, green or hazel eyes, a brown eye shadow will work better in reflecting the color and depth of your eyes, while if you have blue eyes, warm shades such as rose and mocha will look more stunning on you. Your MUA will probably know the exact colors that will look great on you depending on your natural look and the style of your wedding gown.

It’s good to spend some time trying different make-up styles until you are completely happy about your look. Having a make-up assessment gives you the advantage of having a professional make-up artist to give you feedback and teach you on the proper selection of shades, brands and application techniques.

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Additional Tips to Work On
Avoid bringing lots of people for your make-up assessment. This is because if you bring family members or friends who are very vocal and opinionated, you might find yourself persuaded to take on a look that you’re not really confident with. When you’re done, check if you can get your photographer to take a few shots of you with your final look. This way, not only will you know how you will look like on your wedding, you will also know how you will look in the photos.

Lastly, keep in mind that what really matters is your own opinion – if you’re unhappy about your make-up, no matter if it looks good on you or not, your unhappiness will show, and that won’t look good on you at all.

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