3 Tips to Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect wedding cake can be one of the most challenging aspects of your wedding, because not only does it have to look awesome, it has to taste just as great too. So here are 3 tips for you brides-to-be on how to choose a wedding cake that your guests will surely love to look at and eat.

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1.  Do Your Research
One enjoyable part about choosing a wedding cake is going through all the lovely cake pictures and choosing the type that you like. You can look through the gallery of our partner wedding cake maker to get some ideas on the design and flavor of the cake you’d like for your wedding. If you already have a cake in mind, save a picture of it and note down its details, including its flavor, composition, layers, frosting, special ingredients, and decorations. Do this before you head to a baker for a clearer and smoother transaction.

Understanding some basic terms of wedding cakes could also be very helpful. For example, there are two common types of cake frosting: fondant and buttercream. Fondant is easy to mold and can be shaped into interesting arrangements, but it doesn’t have a very filling taste. On the other hand, buttercream frosting tastes awesome, but takes much more effort to look as stunning as fondant cakes. An expert wedding cake maker should have different ways to make any cake delicious and look magnificent.

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2.  Save Some for Yourself!
On the wedding day, many couples do not get the opportunity to eat the cake that they painstakingly helped to create. Ask your family or caterer to save some for you – after all, if anyone deserves to eat the cake that you were involved in creating, it’s you! Enjoy your little piece of heaven with your spouse as an evening snack during your honeymoon. That will be a sweet way to close all the months of wedding preparation!

3.  Less Can Be More
It’s probably your first time to get a professional to design and make a cake just for you, and we understand that this might get you very excited. However, be careful not to overdo your cake decoration. Fondant designs, flowers and ribbons are great additions to spruce up the cake, but be sure to leave some space so as not make your cake look cluttered. If you opt to have fresh flowers on your cake, select those that have hardier petals so that they look fresh throughout the evening. Such flowers are calla lilies, dahlias and roses.

Photo by Temptations Cakes

We hope you have enjoyed this post on how to choose your wedding cake. Stay tuned for more tips on planning your perfect wedding!

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