30 Beautiful Church Wedding Venues in Singapore

Church weddings are becoming more and more common and popular in recent times, with the allure of beautiful and stunning churches as venues for the solemnisation of weddings. More than the look of the venue itself, churches provide for an extremely intimate and spiritual ambiance where couples can celebrate with loved ones the moment they become man and wife. Here are 30 beautiful church wedding venues in Singapore for your consideration.

Christian Churches


The Diocese of Singapore (Anglican)

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

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Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, the largest and oldest Cathedral in Singapore, is definitely one of the favourites when it comes to church weddings. Located at a very accessible location in City Hall, it stands proud and tall in the heart of the Central Business District with its recognisable and grand-looking steeple. The grandeur and awe striking design of the Cathedral is a reflection of the colonial-era architecture style and the large nave lined with beautiful white pillars is no doubt the main reason for its popularity for weddings.

The Lutheran Church in Singapore


Queenstown Lutheran Church

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The second oldest Lutheran congregation in Singapore, Queenstown Lutheran Church is a church with a minimalistic charm and rich history. With a high ceiling and a seating capacity of about 350 people divided into two sets of pews with an aisle in the centre, this quaint little church located in Commonwealth even rents out its premise to non-members for weddings!

Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer

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Another beautiful church wedding venue that is minimalistic yet gorgeous with its elaborate stained glass and a seating capacity of 300 to 500. The Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, just like the above Queenstown Lutheran Church, is a congregation of the Lutheran Church in Singapore. Priority of booking for the venue to be used for weddings is given to its members.

The Methodist Church in Singapore


Barker Road Methodist Church

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What began as a regular Sunday gathering of ACS Boys staying at Oldham Hall resulted in the birth of this grand looking Barker Road Methodist Church. The church’s design is one that looks absolutely homely and welcoming with its rows of bright windows and a high triangular ceiling. The church, however, rents out its venue for weddings only to members.

Wesley Methodist Church

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Wesley Methodist Church is an extremely photo-worthy church that is the oldest Methodist church in Singapore. The architecture of the building is of a toned-down English Gothic-Revival style built with exposed dark red brickwork. Ever since its refurbishment project, the nave of the church has increased its seating capacity from 300 to an impressive 1000.

Charis Methodist Church

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Charis Methodist Church’s wooden interior is so charming that it is sure to make any wedding ceremony look beautiful. The nave is able to seat about 400 guests and the entire hall looks simple yet absolutely resplendent with the high triangular ceiling, furbished with symmetrical wooden beams. Rental for the church for weddings is open to all baptised Christians of main stream denominations.

Paya Lebar Methodist Church

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Paya Lebar Methodist Church’s stained glass at the altar is definitely one of the most elaborate of stained glasses in church sanctuaries. The 44 panel artwork depicting Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven was gifted to the church a few years ago and makes for a stunning backdrop for wedding ceremonies.

Toa Payoh Methodist Church

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Toa Payoh Methodist Church’s design is one that combines the new with the old. While the main hall of the church looks modest and refined with beautiful stained glass windows and a wooden design altar, the exterior of the church looks strikingly modern. The church has a 600 persons seating capacity and is no longer open for rental to non-members.

Living Hope Methodist Church

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Living Hope Methodist Church, located in Tampines, may not look like the typical, conventional church but its structure, both on the outside and inside, is one that definitely strikes out as simple yet memorable. The church rents its premises to non-members and is the only church that also allows pets at the Atrium area of the church.

Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

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With a large seating capacity of 650 in its main hall, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church is definitely one of the few churches that can hold a large number of guests. There are also a total of 3 sanctuaries in the church that can be rented at differing prices and the church also rents the venues to members of other Methodist churches in Singapore.

Trinity Methodist Church

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Trinity Methodist Church’s interior design looks undeniably extraordinary with its wooden ceiling in a triangle formation. The stained glass installation at the altar is also easy on the eyes and makes the altar look extra regal and stunning. The church’s main hall is able to house up to 430 guests. However, just like Toa Payoh Methodist Church, Trinity Methodist Church also no longer rents its sanctuaries out to non-members.

The Presbyterian Church in Singapore


Orchard Road Presbyterian Church

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Established in 1856, Orchard Road Presbyterian Church is one of the earliest Presbyterian Churches in Singapore. Not only does the exterior of the church building look extremely grand and majestic, the main worship hall of the church strikes one as cosy yet beautiful beyond words. In order to rent this magnificent venue for weddings, one has to be a member of the church.

Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church

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Known for its prominent deep red brick façade and raised brickwork on the tower and belfry, Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church is the oldest Presbyterian Church in Singapore. Located in the Central Business District, the Church’s present Romanesque style building was constructed in 1930 and even houses a bell tower at the roof. The church’s nave has a seating capacity of 400 and rental priority is given to its members.

Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church

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Founded in 1996, Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church has one of the most recognisable designs on the exterior of its building. Although it looks small from the outside, as compared to other churches, the main hall of the church is spacious and looks austere yet with a touch of modern grandness. The church rents out its venue to non-members as well.

True Way Presbyterian Church

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One of the 9 churches in the Queenstown area and located conveniently right next to Queenstown MRT station, True Way Presbyterian Church was opened in 1961. With a large remarkable stained glass installation at the centre of the church building, the worship hall has a seating capacity of about 500 people.

The Assemblies of God of Singapore


Grace Assembly of God (Bukit Batok)

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Grace Assembly of God II at Bukit Batok is a new addition to the original Grace Assembly of God at Tanglin which is currently going through a redevelopment project. This new church, completed in 2006, is an extremely modern looking church, both from the outside and the inside, with a spectacular contemporary ambience to boast.

Trinity Christian Centre

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Another contemporary looking church, Trinity Christian Centre’s huge and marvellous building could be seen from far away. The church’s chapel is able to hold a minimum of 400 guests and a maximum of 1000 seated guests. The church even has a Roof Top Garden that can be rented for a reception, with a seating capacity of 250.


Catholic Churches


Church of St. Ignatius

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Opened in February 1961, Church of St. Ignatius was reconstructed in 2003 and the current interior of the church has a state-of-the-art vibe with its shiny grey walls and tiles. The design of the sanctuary is entirely unique with a spacious and distinctive altar and with columns of pews surrounding it. The stained glass displays in the church are also extremely beautiful and as memorable as the church design itself.

Church of St. Mary of the Angels

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Church of St. Mary of the Angels, completed in 2003, is an architecturally stunning and strikingly novel masterpiece which has won many awards for its design, the most recent being the President’s Design Award in 2006. From building materials, such as blackened steel, solid oak and plywood, to community spaces, the design of St Mary’s of the Angels reflects its identity as a contemporary Franciscan parish. The church is able to seat up to an astounding 1200 people in its premise.

Blessed Sacrament Church

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Fondly dubbed the ‘origami church’, Blessed Sacrament Church’s most iconic feature is the slate roof, constructed in folds in the shape of a tent, symbolising the “tent of meeting” in the Old Testament. Opened in 1965, the church is cleverly constructed so that the roof appears to fall to the ground to wrap the interior, with portions touching the ground and resembling anchoring pegs. Integrated slits of glass panels in the roof also creates a dramatic play of light and shadows and gives the whole church a rustic, cosy and romantic feeling.

Church of St. Francis Xavier

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With an expandable seating area, Church of St. Francis Xavier is another magnificent church that is able to accomodate up to 1300 guests. After its major renovation project in 2000, air-conditioning and stained-glass panels were installed. The exterior of the church however still retained its distinguishing design and bell tower, something that it has been recognised for. Its elaborate sanctuary, backed by bright stained-glass panels, is one that definitely stands out as grand and welcoming.

Church of St. Vincent de Paul

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Founded in 1963, Church of St. Vincent de Paul has a unique and modernistic box-like frontal façade that acts as a covered driveway and porch. With its sustained redevelopment plan from 2002 to present, the church has had massive stained glass panels replace the ceramic tablets carrying the 14 Stations of the Cross and pine structures replaced the old pews. The glass panelled café of the church can even be rented for wedding receptions, with a maximum seating of 200.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Stunning at every angle, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has an exquisite ‘castle-like’ façade, complete with the elegant spire reaching to the sky and the airy and bright interior and stained-glass windows which depict familiar Biblical themes and scene. With an equally beautiful interior, the church is an adaptation of the Neo-Gothic architecture design with a high vaulted ceiling and rows of arches lining the nave. The long aisle of the church and elaborate white pillars further enhance the grandeur of the nave.

Church of St. Teresa

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Another absolutely spectacular church, Church of St. Teresa is one that would no doubt be a memorable centrepiece in a fairy-tale like wedding. With its renaissance style architecture, Church of St. Teresa has all the traditional Catholic Church features – a high ceiling, traditional wooden pews and an altar at the end of the aisle backed by stained-glass window. Just like Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary above, Church of St. Teresa’s is made even more grand-looking with its long extending aisle.

St. Joseph’s Church

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Replacing the old church building in its place in 1912, St. Joseph’s church is another architectural marvel with a Gothic Revival Style structured in the form of a Latin cross. It boasts of beautifully crafted stained glass windows and was gazetted as a conservation building in 1993. The interior of the church, painted in white with blue details just like the exterior, is a single large space roofed by a wooden barrel-vault and is undoubtedly outstanding in every sense of the word.

Church of Sts. Peter and Paul

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A reflection of colonial period architecture in Singapore, with a Gothic building style, Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is yet another gorgeous historically conserved that has gone through various expansion projects. Inside the church, as seen above, there are five stained glass windows made in France and installed around 1870. The beautiful stained glass panels feature, among others figures, the patron saints, Peter and Paul, and St Joseph. Being the second oldest Catholic Church in Singapore, the church’s charm is one that is historically entrenched.

Church of St. Bernadette

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Gorgeous and astounding are definitely two words to describe the Church of St. Bernadette. With its unique structure and the blue neon-lit crucifix atop the roof, it has become a landmark at Zion Road. Distinctive of the church are three bells, inscribed with the names of St. Bernadette and her parents, which were imported from France, and the crucifix at the main altar, which came from Italy. The church venue rental for weddings is exclusive to members only.

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

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With a similar design to the Church of St. Bernadette, Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour is one with its own special features, such as the eye catching large stained glass panel above the altar and the slanted triangular high ceiling. Opened in 1961, after its latest renovation work in 1999, the church is now air-conditioned and is able to seat up to a massive 1600 people separated into 8 pews.



Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator Singapore

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When it comes to church weddings, Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator Singapore, also known as Armenian Church for short, is definitely one of the more popular choices. Built in 1935, it is the oldest church building in Singapore and its design cleverly combines the symmetry of Palladian architecture with the practical details of Eastern architecture like louvers and wide verandas. Reflecting its original domed roof, its distinctive circular shape is still evident from the interior, making it entirely unique and elegant.


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Possibly one of the most popular places for weddings, if not the most popular, CHIJMES is a place that is visually stunning from both the outside and the inside. Formerly the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, it stands today as a commercial building, but its chapel and adjoining intricately carved buildings have been preserved. The exquisitely restored early Gothic styled 19th Century chapel with intricate design and detailed building is picture perfect, thus making it high in demand for couples looking to wed in a church-like building. Boasting enviable high ceilings and detailed stained glass windows, the chapel’s columns and corridors also bear lovely motifs of flowers and birds. Despite its spacious looking interior, it is only able to seat up to 300 guests.

Church weddings are definitely appealing when it comes to not only the holy ceremony it provides but also because of the religious and historical significance they bring to the marrying couples’ lives. Thus, it is of no wonder that churches are in such high demand as wedding solemnisation venues.

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