5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Prospect Wedding Photographers

Photographs help make you’re the memories of your wedding last a lifetime, serving as mementos of that special day when you vowed to be one with the person you love the most. Given how important photographs are, it is crucial to find a photographer who is not just skilled but is also trustworthy and dependable.


With the large number of photography companies in Singapore, you first need to narrow down your choices to avoid wasting time and energy. For that, you need to do these three things:

  •   Get recommendations from friends to get some information about the quality of service of your prospect photographers. You can also check what other brides-to-be are saying on Perfect Weddings’ forum.
  •   Make sure you get at least five names for screening based on the referrals you got and your own research. Check their rates and make sure they fit within your wedding budget.
  •   Lastly, take the time to browse your prospect photographers’ portfolios – typically available on their website and social media accounts – to get a better impression of their work.

With the information you’re able to gather, you need not ask a lot of questions anymore. Instead, you get to focus on just the essentials. Here is a list of the five most relevant questions to ask:

1.  What is your forte in photography?


Know the strengths of your prospect photographer. Although this can be observed in his portfolio, it is better to let the photographer talk about his or her strength comprehensively. This will also help you decide and inform your prospect of the treatment you want for your wedding photos – whether you want them posed and formal, or candid and relaxed. You can also ask the photographer if these styles can be fused.

2.  How do you show exceptional customer service?

This question will help you gauge if you can have an assurance that you will not be ripped off. Keep in mind that you cannot have quality photographs if the photographer cannot meet what you need and want – and that requires not just skills but commitment and reliability as well. Your first impression of him or her can give you an idea on his capacity to give excellent customer service.

3.  What can I get from your wedding package?

Discuss all the inclusions of their offered wedding package and make sure that you get what you’re paying for. Ask also when and how you can see the proofs so that you can select which you want to print out. Inquire if your photographer normally gives a memorandum of agreement (MOA). If they don’t have one, it’s best to prepare one yourself to put into writing all the salient details of your transaction.

4.  Do you have back-up equipment? Do you back up photos?

Photo courtesy of LIVESNAPPS

It is important for you to know how your photographer will cope with emergency situations. If your photographer can’t cope with unforeseen events, you might lose your wedding keepsakes forever and it will be close to impossible to have them reproduced after the wedding is done. You can give a follow-up situational question to know how your photographer can cope with an unexpected incident such as getting sick on your wedding day.

5.  What will be the payment scheme?

Just before you seal the deal, know how the payment will be done. Find out if a deposit is required, how much, and when the remaining balance is due. Know also the tax percentage of your payment and if the price is already inclusive of gratuity, otherwise you might have to give a service charge which is usually 10% of the amount. Ask about any additional charges, such as travel and food expenses for the photographer and his or her assistant(s), if any. Or how much the extra cost is for extended hours, add-on services, and products that you want to avail of. It would be best to also know the refunds or cancellation terms.

Once you’ve done the necessary preparations and asked the right questions, you can confidently hire the right photographer to document one of the most important days in your life.

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