5 Questions to Ask Now Before They Crop Up On Your Big Day

Your wedding is almost here and you feel sure that you’ve covered all the details. You’re familiar with dress designers, florists, reception menus, and table arrangements for all your guests. You may even be feeling as though nothing could faze you now. That’s great, so check the list of questions below to make sure you really have everything neatly tied up. Otherwise, good thing you’re reading this before your wedding!


1. When should the bride take off her veil after the ceremony?

The veil gets a lot of attention before and during the walk down the aisle, and has its one shining moment when it’s lifted right after the couple are pronounced husband and wife. After that, the bride has several options. She can choose to wear the veil for the duration of the reception, or she can have a bridesmaid or hairstylist help her to remove it after the ceremony, so that the removal won’t mess up the bride’s coiffure. The last option is to take it off after the first dance together as newlyweds, when the guests will be enjoying their food. Once the veil is removed, it can be left in the bridal suite or hung on the back of the bride’s chair.

2. How should the wedding party travel to the reception?

While most couples will have rented or borrowed a posh car to transport them from the ceremonial venue to the reception, it’s likely that little thought has been given to transporting of the guests and the wedding party. If the guests are expected to drive themselves over, inform them in advance so that they can make arrangements to carpool and no one gets left behind. If there’s time to make other arrangements, consider renting a stretch limousine, a vintage tram or even a school bus, decorated to fit the theme of the wedding.

3. Does the bride really need someone to hold her dress while she uses the toilet?

If the bride has chosen a floor-length gown with a full skirt, an extra pair of hands to hold the skirt out of harm’s way would be greatly appreciated. It’s just not worth the bother and possible dry-cleaning costs to be shy about this. However, if her wedding dress is a sleek number that she can handle by herself, then skip the group bathroom outing.

4. What would be an appropriate way to kiss at the ceremony?

While a wedding is a celebration of love between the bride and the groom, no one really wants to see or hear them making out madly. It’s awkward, and there might be children present. On the other hand, a quick peck on the lips seems anticlimactic and will disappoint the incurable romantics attending the wedding. The best option is to just be natural about it and keep it short but intimate. Also, avoid melodrama by having the groom dip the bride during the kiss – there’s every chance they’ll both lose their balance.

5. What is the proper time and method to cut the wedding cake?

The cutting of the wedding cake usually happens after dinner is served, when the emcee announces the ceremony. If there are guests who will be leaving the reception or dinner early, the cake cutting can be done at the start of the reception, before the first dance. As for the actual method of slicing the cake, the groom holds the bride’s hands as they both cut into the cake. The groom then cuts out the slice on his own to feed the bride, then she returns the favour.

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