5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

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So the date is all set and the decorations are settled, but all that’s lacking may just be an element of fun. You must have seen photo booths popping up at several weddings you’ve been to, but is it something you want at your wedding? Read on to find out why we think that you should have a photo booth!


1. They’re a whole lot of fun!

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Perhaps it’s pixie dust or the stars are aligned that day, but photo booths never fail to bring out the quirky and fun-loving side of people. Suddenly, everyone forgets about being “camera-shy”. Don’t be surprised if you see the same few people hogging the photo booth!


2. They serve as great mementos

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Weddings are not just a celebration of the union of two people, but they’re also opportunities for friends and family to gather and mingle. With a photo booth, there will never be the worry of not being able to snap a family photograph or have a class reunion photograph taken because everyone will be flocking to the booth anyway!

With the instant print technology, your guests can bring their photographs home. Some companies offer the additional service of having your names and the wedding date printed on the photographs, or even a simple watermark at the corner customized to your liking.


3. Fast, efficient, mobile

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Besides the traditional photo booth where a photographer helps to take your photograph and have them instantly printed, things are getting more fun!

One option would be instant printing from your guests’ Instagram live feed! Your guests simply have to upload any photographs taken during your wedding with a hashtag specially created by you for your wedding, and they can have their photographs printed on Polaroid films. The best part is that these films can be customized, bearing either a sweet wedding photograph of the both of you, or a meaningful quote selected by the both of you that you want to bless your guests with. They will definitely be amazed at this novel idea!

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Another option is doing away with the actual photographer and the printer. Hire a photo booth itself (the one with the curtains!) and let your guests have countless hours of fun capturing all the precious moments!


4. They’re ever-evolving!

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Up ‘til now, a photo booth sounds incredibly fun, right? Here’s when it gets better. In order to enhance the event experience for both the couple and all their guests, many companies are offering innovative services like slow motion booths, where your guests will be captured doing all the fun stuff like throwing confetti all around and laughing hysterically. There’s also the GIF booth which combines a few consecutive shots to create a GIF you can call your own. Hands up if it sounds great!


5. The awesome backdrops and props

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Funky party hats and ridiculously huge geek specs, coupled with a cheeky sign or two; you’re ready to work that photo booth shot! You’ve got to admit that these photo booth companies are overflowing with energy and creativity, providing endless fun with their adorable props.

Forget about droopy cloths acting as the backdrop for your photo booth. With professionally done backdrops entirely customized to your theme and preferences, your guests can take home beautiful prints of their own. Glitter, tassels, or a fancy floral background; you name it, you have it!

There are many ways to add a personal touch to your wedding and to make it memorable for everyone, a photo booth is a simple and great idea!

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