5 Ways to Keep Tailored Gowns Perfect

Gowns which are made-to-order are popular because they are designed according to your measurements. The only drawback is that they are usually ready months ahead of time, so extra care is needed to make sure these gowns still fit on the wedding day. Listed below are the few things any bride-to-be needs to do after ordering a custom-made gown.


1.       Mark Down Important Dates in a Calendar or Diary

Having a gown specially tailored does not end with selecting the design. At least one to two fittings are needed to ensure the measurements are correct. The final fitting is booked at least two weeks before your wedding day to have enough time for the last minute alternations to be done. Marking your wedding date on your smart phone calendar or mini diary is a great way to keep track of important dates while finalizing the booking.

2.       Remember Alterations Take Time 


Generally most bridal boutiques in Singapore provide alteration services, but as mentioned earlier you wouldn’t want to leave the final fitting to the last minute. Making a gown looser or tighter involves the removing and re-stitching of the embroidery. Always ask how long it takes to finish the alterations when you first collect your dress. This gives you rough idea when you need to have your last fitting. Remember ornate gowns may take as long as a month to alter.

3.       Enquire about the Cancellation and Refund Policies

Boutiques often require you pay a deposit, so you may want to find out about their cancellation and refund policies. Some places may offer a full refund, but others may charge a small penalty when you cancel your order. Knowing this information means that you are prepared when the unexpected occurs.

4.       Choose the Correct Dress Size


Brides all want to lose weight before their wedding. Don’t pressure yourself to slim down by buying a dress that is one to two sizes smaller than the one you are wearing at the moment. Wedding dresses can always be taken in by as much as four dress sizes without affecting the design, but most places would advise against letting the dress out. At most you can only make the gown a size bigger without ruining the design.

5.       Store the Gown Properly


Wedding gowns can become discoloured, dusty and torn if not stored properly. To keep them in good condition, you should take note of the weight of gown and type of fabrics used before tucking it away. Remember not every dress can be stored in a plastic garment bag and hanged in the cupboard. When in doubt, ask the boutique for advice.

Preparing the wedding bridal outfit doesn’t end with ordering the gown from the boutique, brides-to-be, like you, still have to consider things like fitting, alteration and storage. These are the little things that ensures that lovely white dress remains perfect on the actual day.

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