5 Essential Wedding iPhone Apps

Admit it, Singaporeans have a big love for iPhones! In fact, 1 in every 10 Singaporeans own an iPhone, giving Singapore the highest penetration rate for iPhones in the world. A device for work and entertainment, the iPhone has become part of our lives. Thus, when a wedding is coming up, what better way to explore the wedding world than with your Apple device? Perfect Weddings brings you 5 Essential Wedding iPhone Apps we have tried – you’re sure to love them too!

iPhone Apps

1. Wedding Inspiration – Wedding Colors

Many brides have absolutely no clue on what theme their wedding should be. Color plays a vital role in determining the direction of your wedding theme, as nearly all your items to be purchased will have to adhere to your wedding theme color. Choosing your color theme early on in the wedding planning stage will drastically reduce your headache as you go along. For a helpful tool in expressing your and your spouse-to-be’s personality, check out Wedding Colors! After you have created and chosen your theme color, get the help of a Wedding Planner to bring your theme to life.

2. Beauty – Wedding Hairstyles

Your wedding hairstyle is one of the most important choices about your grooming for your wedding day. There are many hairstyles to choose from, and they are not limited to just curls, buns, straight and princess cuts. To save yourself from hours and hours of trying out which hairstyle is the best for you, simply upload your photo into the Wedding Hairstyles app and see which you look best in! The most popular wedding hairstyles are available in the app, making it easy for you to judge whether or not a particular hairstyle will suit you.

3. Games – Wedding Dash

A wedding-themed time management game from the creators of Diner Dash, Wedding Dash gets you on your feet to serve guests at weddings. You control Quinn, a wedding planner who is in charge of overseeing the many beautifully themed weddings across the world. Manage comical disasters ranging from emotional aunts, hungry men and picky guests who are particular about seating arrangements. Fail to do so, and you will see a Bridezilla at the reception table!

4. Wedding Songs – My WeddingDJ

The wedding song arrangement is often one of the segments of wedding planning that gives most brides a headache. If your wedding song arrangement is not professionally done, you run the risk of having accidental taps on your mp3 display screen, causing the wrong song to be played. Avoid awkward silences with My WeddingDJ. It helps you to create your music plan using your songs and playlists, and even fades gracefully for all pauses and stops. No more complicated coordination with the PA system, or running to the AV people when the wrong song is being played!

5. Wedding Entertainment – Princess Camera

How do you keep your guests entertained before the wedding reception? Jazz up your instant prints with Princess Camera! Since purikura photo booths are a little complicated to transport to a wedding, get the help of this iPhone app to decorate your instant shots for your guests. Just place an iPad or iPhone with the app, get your friends to pose for the camera and say cheese! Someone can print the images and paste them on your well-wishes board. How’s that for instant prints?

We hope you enjoyed this list of 5 Essential Wedding iPhone Apps, tell us what your favourite iPhone app at our Facebook page!

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