6 Fabulous Makeup Looks for Your Wedding Day

Maybe you’ve decided to leave your bridal makeup in the hands of makeup pros, or you’re incredibly brave and decided that you’ll do your own makeup for your wedding day. Still, these are 6 makeup looks that are both flattering and glamorous, and most importantly, perfect for your big day. Look on for makeup inspiration and ideas!


1. Sultry

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We love the glamorous and seductive smokey eye that just makes everything more gorgeous on your big day. The sultry look is mostly characterized by dramatic eye makeup, including an edgy smokey eye with defined lining around the eyes and fully extended eyelashes. The smokey eye look can range from a subtle grey to a full-fledged smothering look. Balance this dramatic look with a nude lip and you’re ready to go!

How to test if your makeup artist is fantastic at doing a smokey eye would be assessing his/her blending skills! The key to this great look would be patient and skillful blending ‘til you get your desired intensity. Get your makeup artist to keep it simple and warm for a daytime ceremony, then amp up the heat for the night.


2. Red Lip Classic

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The red lip look is another bold and sophisticated makeup look that is gaining traction in the bridal world. We like that this look is vintage and timeless. A daring red pout just exudes charm and confidence; the way a bride should be on her big day. However, a red lip look is extremely tricky and it takes many tries with your makeup artist to find the right shade that matches you perfectly!

– Generally, brides with porcelain fair skin should go with the full-on red shade, while those with medium skin should find something with tints of orange, coral or pink.

– Brides with dark skin should veer towards dark red tones to perfect this look.

Keep everything else simple with a red lip, so go sparingly on the eye makeup and the bridal hair! You don’t want to look over the top when you can look picture perfect.


3. Au Naturale

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If you’ve been consistently keeping tabs on your favourite beauty bloggers or YouTubers, you’d have noticed that there has been a trend of the ‘No Makeup’ makeup look. Basically, it is putting on the most essential and natural looking makeup that would make you look like you’re naturally flawless.

– All you really need your makeup artist to do would be to even out your skin and conceal any blemishes you might have.

– Lightly fill in your brows with dark coloured powder instead of sketching them with eyebrow pencils for a warmer and more natural finish.

– Ditch the intense eyeliner and crazy mascara, but if you have to, opt for softer colours.

After all, makeup is to accentuate your features so it’s best to go natural. We would suggest that this makeup look works best for a wedding in the day, and you might want to go with something more dramatic during the night!


4. Sweet and Dewey

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Pretty in pink. Lovely shades of pink are your best bet for a sweet and romantic wedding makeup look. From a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks and a pinkish stain for the lips to rose gold eyeshadow; pink is always everyone’s go-to colour that works with any eye makeup to give a soft look. Pink hues are usually great to bring out the warmth and radiance in you while looking really natural!


5. Colour Pop

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This is perhaps one of the most adventurous out of all the makeup looks. There are so many ways to look absolutely eye-catching on your wedding day, and makeup is one of the surest way to do so!

– Have your makeup artist experiment with a blend of complementary eyeshadow colours to give your peepers a dramatic and stunning transformation.

– There are just so many bold lip colours to choose from too, if you’re itching for something different, such as a deep mauve shade or berry tones.

– If you’re a fan of Korean-inspired makeup looks, do check out coloured eyeliners too.

Consult your makeup artist to see what works best for you before going ahead with all the vibrant colours! Everyone appreciates a burst of colour here and there and something different.


6. Scintillating Sparkle

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Who doesn’t love a dab of glitter, a little bit of shimmer, to brighten up the whole look? Having a little shine for your makeup look would definitely make you look brighter and more awake. For such a blissful and glam event like your wedding, sparkling accents are definitely appropriate.

– Keep the glitter or shimmer to one part of your face, preferably just the eyelids, while keeping the rest simple. Covering every part of your face with glitter or shimmering stuff just won’t look flattering.

– Shimmering eyeshadow should be paired with matte shades to give it an even look and more dimension.

– Glitter is so beautiful, but so tricky to perfect as well. Keep it minimal as it is easy to fall off and land on other parts of the face.

– When your makeup artist comes over for a makeup trial, test out the makeup for a few hours at least because shimmery and glittery makeup is easy to crease. Find out if you’d need a setting spray, primer or to ditch this type of makeup completely!

Now that you know the 6 classic makeup looks for brides, pin them up to run them through with your makeup artist, or for you to recreate for your wedding day!

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