6 Factors to Consider in Preparing for a Prenup Photoshoot

The prenup photoshoot is a modern wedding practice. While it may not always be necessary, having one has its advantages. Couples who choose to have a prenup photoshoot have to prepare for it in order to get great results, especially since is not as easy to do as it seems to be.

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Assuming that the couple already has already contracted a photographer, the next step to having a successful photoshoot is to choose a concept. The concept of the shoot will determine everything – from its location to the props used, to the couple’s attire and everything in between.

There are unlimited concepts for a prenup photoshoot, but certain themes are more popular than others. The 10 most common concept or theme for prenup photoshoots in Singapore are retro or vintage, casual picnic, Alice in Wonderland, photowalk, playful, fairs, romantic date, surreal, urban/modern, and home and rustic.

Factors to Consider

1. Location
This is a major consideration as it will determine the feasibility of the photoshoot. The location will also be the key to translating the concept into something doable. The most common prenup photoshoot spots in Singapore are:

Natural Parks and Golf Courses: Pasir Ris Park, Marina Bay Golf Course, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Labrador Park, Botanic Gardens, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Fort Canning Park, and HortPark

Beach and Beach Resorts: Punggol Beach and Tanjong Beach

Museums: Red Dot Design Museum and Peranakan Museum

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Churches: Maghain Aboth Synagouge and The St. Joseph Church

Historical Locations and Landmarks: Little India, Cenotaph, Boat Quay, Emerald Hill, and Chinatown

Iconic Architecture: Red Dot Design Museum, Parkview Square, Marina Barrage, White Rabbit, and One Rochester

Islands: Palau Huntu and Palau Ubin

Tourist Attractions: Underwater World Singapore, Resorts World, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Area, Marina Barrage, and Changi Boardwalk

Unique and Interesting Spots: Seletar Airbase, Wangz Hotel, ION Sky, Padang, and Mt. Faber

When choosing which location to have the photoshoot, couples should ask themselves the following questions:

• How much time does it need to get to the place?
• Is there an entrance fee and other fees for using the facility?
• Is the location crowded? Will that make the photoshoot very difficult?
• When is the best time to have the photoshoot in the location?
• Is there special requirement like securing permit?
• Do they allow decorating the area?
• Are there alternative locations in case the first option does not work out?

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2. Props
Aside from the natural setting and fixtures in the area, props help set the theme of prenup photos.

Some examples of inexpensive but effective pros are balloons, picnic essentials (like mats, linen, wine and wine glasses, baskets and flowers), bubble maker, bicycles, and paper décor. More elaborate props that couples can use include printable décor sets and templates, oversized picture frames, furniture set, jewelleries, and musical instruments.

Tip: As much as possible limit the props. Prenup photography is about the couple and props serve only as props.

3. Attire
Couples can choose to have their prenup photoshoot in their wedding clothes, casual attire, formal attire, fancy costumes, or a combination of the four. While wearing coordinated clothes isn’t compulsory, it does a lot to make the wedding photos look organized and adds to the wow effect of the resulting photographs.

Apart from its style, couples should choose clothes that they feel comfortable wearing. It should allow them to move with ease and, at the same time, make them feel good about their looks. It will show in the photograph if the couple are not feeling good about their attire, and that is the least thing photographers and client couples would like to happen.

Rent out costumes if wearing one can’t be helped. This is the most practical option especially when the couple intend to wear the costume only for that photoshoot. Couples can also borrow from their friends and relatives or “raid” their parent’s closets, especially if their chosen theme is retro or vintage. They would depend on luck, though, in terms of the size of the borrowed costume.

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When wearing their wedding clothes for the prenup photoshoot, couples should take great care not to damage their gown and suit. The advantage of wearing a bridal attire is that it allows couples to have pretty and unusual backdrops for their photos aside from church or garden which are typical background for wedding photos. However, it could be a hassle when the location of the photoshoot is an open space and does not have rooms where the bride can change for her outfit of the day.

A recent trend in prenup photoshoots is to wear sports attire, which may be due to many couples today engaging in sporty activities like fun runs, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, and so on. Couples who find playing sports a great way to bond can highlight it in their prenup photos by allowing the photographer to capture photos of them doing their favourite sporty activity. The advantage of this theme is that couples will need not buy new clothes since they already have one. Plus, they’ll look naturally good in photographs.

4. Travel
Even if the chosen location is a local place, it will take effort and time for the couple to get there. The question is, can the couple tolerate going for a trip for this activity? If yes, then it will not be a problem. But if one of the parties thinks that it’s so much of a fuss, then they should pick a place that is just a walking distance to their location or, better yet, skip it altogether.

5. Schedule
Bridal couples have so much to manage while preparing for their wedding. There is the work, the appointments with vendors and so on. As much as possible it should be scheduled on the couple’s free time like weekends so they look relaxed in the photographs.

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6. Weather
Most prenup photoshoots are held outdoor. Hence, weather should be factored in to avoid disappointments and rescheduling of the shoot.

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