6 Great Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

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Your wedding day is fleeting. That’s why newlyweds invest in a set wedding photographs to keep as a memento, but few would consider paying for wedding video when the budget is tight. Reflect on these 6 reasons before you make a hasty decision you may regret.

The Footage is as Clear as Your Photographs

The videography industry is as competitive. A professional videographer needs to invest in the right equipment and keep abreast of various filming and video editing techniques if he wants to succeed, hence you can be assured that your video will meet the same high standards you set for your wedding photographs at any price point.

Wedding Videos Narrate Your Love Story 

Wedding videos are no longer those boring 4-hour documentaries of you dread watching. By using sophisticated video editing techniques, your videographer can select specific clips and shuffle them around to create your desired narrative. Often these eye-catching masterpieces come with fancy borders, catchy titles and cool animations.

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You Can See and Hear Your Loved Ones 

Each time both of you watch the video together, you get to relive your wedding day as it really happened, because once recorded precious details like your best friend’s laugh or your mother’s glowing smile will never fade away. Such an experience becomes truly irreplaceable when these friends and relatives are no longer around.

A Video is Easier to Share

Not everyone will be able to attend your wedding for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want to witness your special day. In an ideal world, they would be able to watch everything on live telecast. However things don’t always go according to plan, so passing them your wedding video is the next best option. As they watch each event unfold, they get to experience the same sight and sounds the rest of your guests enjoyed.

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You See Your Guests Having Fun

As you run around attending to various things, your videographer will be out there capturing those heart-warming scenes you won’t want to miss like your toddling nephew reaching for your wedding cake or your mothers hugging one another before the ceremony. Getting the chance to watch these moments allows you to reminisce with your loved ones afterwards.

The Video Compliments the Photos in the Album

Your videographer can create the correct mood by adding footages of your beautifully decorated venues in between those featuring your friends and relatives then pairing this edited sequence with the right background music. Watching the video while you flip through your album makes your memories more complete.

Photo by Renatus Cinematography

A wedding video may seem unnecessary when you are trying to cut down on your wedding expenses, but don’t land up regretting your decision. Many couples who hire a videographer were glad they did, because they feel that the video captured the essence of their happiest day.

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