6 Tips for Finding Your Dream Gown

Most brides dreamed about their wedding day since they were little girls. At the heart of these romantic fantasies is the beautiful wedding dress. Brides-to-be will soon realize that finding the perfect wedding dress is not as easy as seems. There are so many types of dresses to choose from and not all of them are suitable for the chosen wedding theme. Here are a few tips – from planning to the actual shopping – to help bewildered brides.

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Tip #1 Read Up  

Do your research on bridal sites like Perfect Weddings about different wedding dress styles and cuts. Such information helps you narrow your choices considerably as you will know only some gowns suit both your body type and fit into your wedding theme.

Tip #2 Start Early

Once the wedding date has been picked and the venue booked, the search for the gown begins. Ideally you start looking a year in advance. This 12-month timeframe allows you to see more styles coming into the stores and you can even afford to wait to buy your desired dress at a discounted price. The only drawback of starting so early would having to pay for alternation closer to the actual date.

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Tip #3 Establish Rapport with the Staff

You may want to choose a friendly salesgirl to assist you because she would be more willing to help you choose a dress you are happy with. Should you feel uncomfortable with the way the attendant is pushing you to buy dresses you don’t like, you can always request for a different salesperson. The attendants are supposed to be there to answer your queries, but they should not be pressuring you to buy something you don’t want.

Tip #4 Have Fun Trying Different Dresses

A well-trained and highly experienced saleswoman is able to suggest alternatives based on your preferences. Some of these suggestions may not seem like something you would consider normally, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Many brides before you have ended up happily walking down the aisle in a dress that their attendant persuaded them to try.

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Tip #5 Set a Budget

Having a fixed amount to spend on your outfit gives you a more realistic expectation about the types of shops you can visit. Limiting the visits to places within your budget range stops you from being tempted to buy a beautiful dress you cannot afford. After all if you splurges on the dress, you won’t be able to buy any accessories or pay for the necessary alterations.

Tip #6 Know Where to Buy Wedding Dresses

Couture Houses – Couture houses offer an exclusive selection of high-end gowns. Each of these gowns are made to measure and often three fittings are needed to make sure everything sits nicely. Remember to call in advance to make an appointment as most of these places do not entertain walk-in clients.

Full-Service Bridal Salons – These salons offer a wide range of services for you and your bridesmaids at various prices. You can even purchase your shoes, veil and jewellery there. All you need to do is discuss your gown preferences with the salesperson. Even when you don’t have a particular design in mind, the salesperson would gladly help you pick out a few dresses to choose from.

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Department Stores – You can find a variety of ready-to-wear gowns at department stores. Most of the dresses purchased may not be a perfect fit, so you have to look for a tailor or a seamstress to do the alternations. Department stores may not offer such services, but when they do the prices are far too steep.

Discount Outlets – You can visit the discount outlets to buy wedding dresses at bargain prices. Like the department stores, these shops don’t offer on-site alteration services. However, unlike the department stores, not all the dresses available in the outlets are from the current season.

Dress Rental Boutiques – Rental stores offer a variety of wedding gowns. They even have a few designer pieces. Renting a gown is certainly a cheaper alternative compared to purchasing the actual gown whether it is a designer gown or not. Still you cannot expect too much as most of the dresses available may be from the last two seasons.

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Remembering these tips helps to make the experience less overwhelming. The amount of time invested in reading up and searching will certainly pay off. Who knows? You may find yourself in the best position to advise one of your bridesmaids in the near future.

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