6 Wedding Car Rental Tips

There’s quite an art in renting a car as it requires you to carefully choose what kind of vehicles is suitable for your wedding day. Consider the few points below as a guide to ensure that you pick the right wedding car and that your car rental process is as smooth as possible.

vintage wedding car

1. Right Time & Date

It might sound pretty obvious to some, but it is actually pretty common for couples to miss out such a simple thing. You might be surprised that there have been occasions of chauffeurs knocking on the couple’s door at the wrong time or even on the wrong day. It is important that the wedding car rental company knows exactly the date and time you required the service and ensure of the punctuality. Double check the hiring form and request for a confirmation slip after that just to be sure.

2. Right Location

Make sure that the correct addresses or locations have been given to the rental company and the designated chauffeur. It’s common for chauffeurs to simply input the postal codes of the relevant locations into their GPS system, which runs the risk of encountering unexpected roadblocks come the wedding day. To be safe, request your chauffeur to do a reconnaissance to make sure all routes and the time it takes to go from location to location is checked.

3. Your Interim Music

Practically all rental cars in Singapore today come equipped with a music player, but it’s doubtful your chauffeur will have the same musical taste as you. (God forbid you get stuck listening to a kitschy medley on your way to your wedding ceremony!) So make sure to bring along some tunes you’d like to listen to or that would get you into the right mood for the event. It might seem like a small matter but this little improvement will help make your wedding a more pleasant experience.

4. Decorating Your Wedding Car

It’s the norm to don your wedding cars with shades of ribbons and other items fit for the special occasion. Be sure to plan on what colors to use and give the rental company ample time to prepare. Usually, white and ivory colors should not be an issue but, still, plan in advance.

5. Your First Toast

Some couples have their first toast on their wedding car, as this is often their very first moment to be alone as husband and wife. If you want to have this, make sure that the car is adequately stocked with a chilled champagne (or even some fruit juice if you don’t want to drink any alcohol). Make sure too that the drink is securely placed as spills and stains can easily ruin your wedding gown.

6. Preparation is the key

It always pays to plan ahead to minimize unexpected situations during the actual day of your wedding, instead of being frustrated and running around trying to fix the situation. Nothing could be worse than seeing months of planning and hard work ruined in an instant, especially if it could have been avoided with just some forethought. Renting a car may seem like a small matter but it is still an essential and crucial task to having a wonderful wedding.

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