7 Bridal Makeup Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding as its clear blue sky with the sun shining bright makes a vibrant backdrop to such an special celebration. However, this poses a challenge in keeping your makeup stay fresh against sweat from the heat and moisture brought by humidity (not to mention the anticipated emotional moments that can bring you to tears).

Whether you DIY your makeup or hire a professional makeup artist, these simple tips can help you have fresh and long-lasting makeup that will keep you looking great all throughout your big day. And it will show in your photos too!


1.   Clean Face and Simple Palette

A fresh start for your summer wedding look is a healthy and well hydrated skin. So be sure to always keep your face clean and moisturized with a product that won’t make it greasy – and drink lots of water too! Carefully select a fresh palette of pastel, earth, or au naturel colors. From your foundation to your eye shadow, lip stick, and blush, the colors should give a fresh youthful vibe that is light on the appearance. For instance, au naturel, also known as nude or no-makeup makeup, albeit its name can actually be heavy on foundation for a smooth and even skin tone. But it doesn’t look cakey or thick.

2.   Smoothening Makeup Primer

Use makeup primer or tinted moisturizer with sunscreen with a warm glow that is perfect for summer as base for your makeup. Apply all over your face, neck, and your décolleté area for an even skin tone. This layer is important to hold your foundation against sweat and tears and keep it from creasing or running. A thin layer of quality makeup primer can also give a silky smooth texture for your skin and a flawless finish once you apply your foundation. Use a primer that is anti-shine and oil-free to avoid looking greasy. If your skin is oily, use an oil-free or water base moisturizer.


3.   Long-Lasting Foundation

Basically there are three kinds of foundation: the traditional cake or liquid, mineral, and airbrush. Each of these has its own pros and cons to certain skin types. Consult with your make-up artist on the best kind of foundation to use for your skin type. Some would recommend the cake foundation for an oily skin, while others combine different types of foundation for a smoother and more intact look, such as spraying on airbrush foundation to even out the skin tone for a glowing and silky finish and then blending it with liquid or mineral powder foundation for a more natural finish. And for the final touch, brush the layer lightly with loose powder to set the foundation.

4.   Warm Highlights

Summer is all about having that warm glow of sun-kissed skin! Your most important tool for this look is a bronzer. Apply bronzer on your cheekbones, temples, forehead, nose, chin and blend, blend, blend with a large brush for that warm and sexy summer glow. A bronzing powder will also help you define your facial structure and even make your collar bones pop out for a sexier strapless look. Shimmering powder can work well with a bronzer as a highlighter. Lightly apply it on your nose bridge, under your eyebrows, at the highest point of your cheeks near your eyes, and on the tips of your shoulders.


5.   Luscious Lips

For a fresh outdoor look that is young and fun, you can use candy pink; or to create an understated elegance, keep your lips pale to give way to your eyes. If you prefer an au naturel look, use a tint of peach or a natural shade based on your skin tone. Before applying your color, add some balm to moisturize your lips for easier outlining with a lip pencil to define its shape and keep the color from bleeding. You can also use a concealer before outlining your lips to make your lipstick stay longer. Then, evenly apply the lipstick. Blot with a tissue and dab loose powder with a brush onto the tissue while it’s pressed to your lips to seal the color. Add a coat of lipstick sealer and don’t forget to gloss!

6.   Crème Blush

For softer and naturally glowing cheeks that will blend perfectly with your bronzer, use crème blush. Or you can apply cheek stain then dust with matching powder blush for a long-lasting effect. Looking flushed is a natural and romantic glow for the summer season. Remember to go easy on applying color to your cheeks so they don’t end up looking swollen. Blusher also affects the shape of your face immensely so be sure to know the right area where to apply and keep your strokes in an upward direction. Bring your blusher for a quick touch up during your wedding.


7.   Solid Eye Makeup

Asian women commonly have oily eyelids which is a problem in keeping the eye shadow intact. The color easily fades and the eye makeup powder even creases. To avoid this, add concealer from the line of the eyelid to the base of the eyebrow then dust with powder before adding two layers of the eye makeup. Stay away from creamy formulas which will only make your lids greasy. You can also add the makeup primer on your lids before the concealer for a more intact layer of eye makeup with a color that will stay vibrant for a long time. Also, use liquid eyeliner so that it doesn’t smudge unlike a pencil that cannot resist the oil on your lids. And of course waterproof mascara!

No matter what makeup trend or color palette you choose for your eyes, lips, and cheeks, it is important to have a clean face and a smooth and even foundation. As for the techniques contouring, highlight, and blending are important to achieve a glowing summer look for your wedding. Don’t forget to throw some oil blotter papers in your purse to keep greasiness at bay on your wedding.

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