8 Things to Look for in a Wedding Florist

Finding a florist you can work with is one of the things you need to tick on your list of wedding planning to do list early on in your preparation. Once you have a vision for your wedding, you can begin your search for the right florist to work with. At least 6 months prior to your wedding, you need to be able to find the one who can take care of all your floral needs.


Here are some qualifications that a florist should have for you to hire their services.

1.   Recommended – A florist who is recommended by your friend or other brides online through wedding forums is the first thing you need to consider. If others, especially those whose opinions you trust, have good things to say about the product and services of a certain florist then you definitely have to get to know that one. You can also read reviews in bridal magazines or websites, or you can go to bridal shows and gather names. You need to consider at least three florists before taking a pick.

2.   Updated PortfolioYou need to see the portfolio to know what the florist’s style is when it comes to floral arrangements. This is your way of gauging if the florist’s flair matches what you want for your wedding. But if, say, you prefer a minimalist, rustic feel for your flowers and you find that selections presented to you are too elaborate, don’t walk out of the store right away. Instead, let your florist know about your vision and see what they can suggest and if they can deliver what you want. It’s very important to check if the works are recent and updated to know that the florist is regularly booked and that the works are updated with the trends.

3.   Personal Attention – It is very important that a florist is accommodating of your ideas to be able to work well with them. You don’t want a florist who will override your choices and your decisions; rather you want one who is capable of enhancing your vision and bringing it to life. A florist who has personal attention to your needs is eager to listen and to understand how you visualize your wedding. She or he is also meticulous with details, which is needed to execute the designs accordingly. A florist who has an eye for details and aims to achieve what you want gives a personal level of attention that is unique to you as a client.


4.   Realistic Views – While it’s good that a florist aims to deliver what you want and won’t override your decisions, it is also important that they are realistic and honest enough to say why a certain idea can’t work. A florist should be realistic in terms of choices of flowers and how they are to be executed in an arrangement. If something is not feasible, a good florist should have helpful suggestions on alternatives and ideas on how to adjust the plan or improve it. You don’t want a florist who will always be nodding to all the things you say but doesn’t let you know that mums cannot stand the heat of the outdoor setup of your wedding.

5.   Well-Maintained Shop – A well-maintained shop is an indication that the florist is meticulous and organized, which are very good traits of a professional. Flowers on display should always be fresh and the arrangements featured are up to date with the latest trends. Also, the shop should be welcoming to customers with a staff ready to attend. Looking around the shop should also inspire you to other floral possibilities for your wedding thus it should be a place rich with ideas and creativity. A florist who can’t maintain a shop doesn’t speak well of their business. Think twice if you don’t feel comfortable with what you see the moment you set foot in the shop.


6.   CreativityCreativity is essential to a florist. The profession after all calls for excellent visual presentation of flowers to suit a particular event or place. A florist with creativity is flexible in terms of exploring and executing different styles of arrangements. While they must have a forte, they can still go outside the box in terms of creating arrangements that use a wider variety of blooms and greenery. This skill is best with a good knowledge of flowers and other materials to make ideas work such as knowing which variety complements your favourite flower and what other materials can be used to complete your bouquet that is both stylish and sturdy.

7.   Selections and Variety Superb product quality is something every vendor should have that a client deserves. A way to indicate that your florist has such quality is to know if they can offer a wide selection of blooms and materials in a variety of style. The choices offered should not be limiting. If what you want is not represented in the portfolio or the current display, the florist should be willing and capable to accommodate. They should be able to offer other flowers and materials they can source out to deliver what you intend to have for your wedding.

8.   Works with Your Budget – You need to tell the florist exactly how much you can spend. A florist who is conscious of your budget needs without sacrificing quality will be a good hire. If you are particular with your budget, your florist should be able to understand the importance of value for your money by coming up with ways to save on cost and still get excellent output. For example, a florist should be able to present to you an affordable price package for all your needs and give you ways on how you can make the most out of your money.

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