A Bridesmaid’s Secret to the Best Hen Night

As a bridesmaid (or maid of honor), you have to plan the hen night! You know, that extra special get together before your friend ties the knot. Sounds pressuring? Nope! You just need to be organized. So sisters, take note of the following and everything will be as easy as ABC.

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A: Discuss Everything with the Bride

Hey, since the whole point of the hen night is for the bride to enjoy herself, what’s wrong with asking for her opinion? Doing this allows you to figure out whom to invite and type of activities she prefers! Another huge plus – if you aren’t persuaded already – is that she’d definitely keep those dates free.

B: The Sky isn’t the Limit

Make sure everyone is comfortable with the proposed budget before you finalize the activities. Squabbling over ‘who owes who how much’ or having someone back out at the last minute turns the happy occasion sour! Always remind yourself that splurging unnecessarily doesn’t make the hen night more enjoyable, it just burns a big hole in your pocket.

C: Break the Ice

Sometimes your friend wishes to invite that special friend from another clique or her relative. When that happens, do the sisterly thing and introduce them to everyone. By adding them to your group chat and including them in the ongoing conversation, you are already making them feel welcomed. They may be strangers to you, but they are just as important to the bride as you are!

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D: Make It Formal

A perfect save-the-date cannot be bought off the shelf. They must be specially printed! What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, the design usually indicates the theme and the type of activities you will be participating in. That makes selecting the correct colours, fonts and pictures very important! Don’t be afraid to turn to the rest for help, if you aren’t confident. Someone is sure to help.

E: Update Everyone

Sending out last minute reminders aren’t the only thing you worry about! As organizers, you have to reassure people that the reservations are confirmed and give them clear instructions on how to get there on time. For those going bar hopping, you ought to setup a buddy system 2-3 days in advance, so everyone has at least one friend to cab with them afterwards.

F: Pace Yourselves

To keep everyone expectations realistic, have your friend rank each activity from the most important to the least important. After you have your schedule, slot in short breaks between each activity. Remember, your priority is to have fun and not tire yourselves out, because no one will thank you, when they wake up sore and grumpy the next day!

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G: The Little Things Make It Special

It doesn’t take much to make your friend feel loved! Presenting her with a DIY scrapbook filled with personal messages from everyone, performing a short skit or singing her favourite songs during your K-box session is enough to make her smile. Just make sure you keep her personality in mind while planning this surprise, because some people may feel very self-conscious when they are in the spotlight!

H: Don’t Go Overboard

Contrary to what you see in movies and soap operas – particularly the ones from the US – you don’t have to go wild! Everyone has their own definition of fun, so don’t use the hen night as an excuse to engage in some embarrassing escapades. Make sure you consult the bride and the rest of her guests before adding risqué activities and gag gifts to the list!

I: Share the Work

Get the rest involved as well. Yes, even those who aren’t part of your clique! By asking them to help you plan fun activities, make props or shop for the bridal shower gifts, you will have more time to focus on other important things. You may feel a little hesitant, but you have to remember, that these people probably know your friend as well as you do. After all, if they weren’t that close, why would she even invite them to her hen night in the first place?

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J: Bring a Pair of Flats

Most hen nights usually involve multiple activities, so you will be walking here and there or standing around. Now imagine doing that in heels! Prevent those nasty blisters and horrible swollen feet by reminding everyone to bring a pair flats. To encourage them to carry their shoes with them, give them with their own printed tote bag! Such cute bags always make great hen night favors.

K: Agree to Not Disagree

You can’t understand why some people are so unreasonable, but confronting them is not a good idea. Neither should you be gossiping about them behind their backs! Take some time off from the project, like a day or so, then return refreshed! Once you’ve calmed down, you won’t feel so agitated when discussing possible alternatives.

There you have it – 11 wonderful tips from A to K! Use them while planning your friend’s hen night and be amazed at how easy everything seems. No matter how willing everyone is to pitch in, it’s usually these little details that trip you up.

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