A Groom’s Guide in Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

From the day of your proposal, you will spend weeks – even months – planning for the perfect wedding. You can work on this with your bride-to-be, or, as a bargain, you can just leave it to her and your coordinator while you take care of planning a honeymoon you both will remember for the rest of your lives. Here is a guide on planning that honeymoon to perfection.


Base your plans on your history

You probably know your partner better than anyone else, so this should be easy. Nevertheless, make sure you get the right ideas by consulting with her regarding her preferences. By knowing what your partner wants, you can make better decisions about where to go and what to do when you get there. Recall some of the things you’ve done together that made her very happy, or some long-unfulfilled wish she has that you can give her on your honeymoon. Also, consider your personalities and whether it suits the activities you plan to do on your honeymoon. Remember: honeymoon isn’t just about going to someplace new, it’s about enjoying yourself on your stay there.

Make sure you pack everything

Not every preparation yields perfect results, but organizing your things ahead will save you from too much stress. List down your honeymoon itinerary, including all your travel information and relevant contact numbers, and give copies to the people close to you either by e-mail or print (or both). Complete your handy bag (maps, toiletries, keys, passports, visa’s, reservations, tickets, medicine kit, and secret stash of money). Don’t forget to inform your fiancé what outfits to bring, but keep other information as a surprise.

Make a complete, detailed itinerary

You’ll want this to be a very special time for your partner, so settle things ahead and plan with your budget and schedule in mind. To have the perfect honeymoon, it would be best to plan everything down to the minute, but also allow for flexibility. Mark the dates and time of your departure and return flights, make a list of things you intend to do on your honeymoon, and arrange everything with where you’re staying and your means of transportation. Lastly, make a contingency plan, in case things don’t go as you intended. Consider the possibility of bad weather, flight cancellations and other unexpected circumstances.

Check out the best destinations

Of course, you need to be smart in deciding where to go. Look into the best times to visit different places, as rates and the popular activities there may change depending on the season. If you want to be safe, you can go to places like Hawaii or the Caribbean, which have an even climate throughout the year and offer a myriad of hotels, beaches, spas and other leisurely amenities. There are many, many places where you can go and have a great honeymoon. Here are seven we’ve picked for you:

  • New Zealand – This is a great place to experience an adventurous honeymoon. New Zealand offers packages that include zorbing, zip-lining, rock-climbing, abseiling, bungee jumping, and even hiking on glaciers.
  • Iceland – A land full of majestic beauty, there’s always a good thing to see in Iceland. Among much else, you can visit Reykjavik with its old-town charm, bath at the geothermal pool Blue Lagoon, and watch the majestic Northern Lights.
  • British Columbia – If you’re aiming for a cold snowy honeymoon with a thrill of adventure, visit British Columbia. They are famous for their ski hubs, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and alpine cycling at the mountain bike park.
  • New York – If you and your partner want to indulge in the nightlife and parties, nothing beats the New York fast lane life. In the midst of the busy night parties, you can still enjoy the time together with your loved one and having a good time around the city.
  • Australia – The Land Down Under likes partying too. They country is now filling with stylish night clubs and bars, plus you can always check their terrific wildlife or snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef for a dose of excitement.
  • Greece – If you’re seeking for historic landscapes and grand views, Greece is one of the best there is. Among the many islands of Greece are Mykonos and Santorini, which are known for their remarkable views and exceptional atmosphere.
  • Italy – Very few places can make a better romantic honeymoon destination than Italy. You’ll be in love by its classic architecture and fine cuisine. As a place to continue your courtship, nothing comes better than Italy.

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