A Groom’s Guide to Preparing for a Chinese Wedding in Singapore

It takes at least two and a half months to prepare a real Chinese wedding. This timeframe can be enough as long as everything that a Chinese wedding requires is smoothened out – from the announcement to the selection of auspicious dates, to the booking of wedding packages, and until betrothal gifting and installation of the bridal bed.


Auspicious Dates

Selection of auspicious dates is important in Chinese weddings. The high number of engaged couples that book wedding banquets in advance for popular auspicious dates proves just how much Chinese value this particular tradition. As a result, it can be expected that some of the venues catering for Chinese weddings may require reservations one year in advance. This is especially true if the selected of auspicious date is very popular, as well as the venue itself.

Chinese people select auspicious dates by consulting Chinese calendars and Chinese almanacs. However, these tools may not be available yet if the couple plans their wedding one year ahead of their scheduled wedding day. Chinese monks, temple officials and fortune tellers may also be consulted in determining auspicious wedding dates.

Usually, even numbers are preferred for selecting auspicious dates. The engaged couple’s birthdates and time of birth are needed in determining auspicious dates.

Wedding Invitations

Even if the distribution of wedding invitations comes next to the betrothal gifting, couples can start preparing the wedding invitation after choosing the date for the wedding banquet and making a reservation in the selected venue.

Hotels and restaurants usually include a blank designed invitation card as part of their wedding packages. It covers at least 70% of confirmed guest and the couple will shoulder the printing if they decide not to outsource other printing company.


Wedding Photography

Booking a wedding photography package is also very common in Singapore weddings. The chosen photography studio will provide photography services during the wedding day, while some may also include prenup photoshoot for clients who would like to avail it.

Betrothal Gifting

The betrothal gifting is also scheduled on a particular auspicious date. In this tradition, the groom and a friend (or a matchmaker) will visit the bride’s parents and deliver the gifts. Then, one to two weeks before the wedding, helpers need to be briefed; confirm attendance at wedding events; and confirm bookings with hotel or restaurant, studio photography, church and caterer.


Installation of the Bridal Bed

The installation of the bridal bed and delivery of dowry is done one week prior the wedding. In Chinese customs, a well-to-do woman whose husband and children and grandchildren are all alive will install the bridal bed. The dowry is delivered by the bride’s parents to the bridal room. It may be given as a return gift on the same day of betrothal or a week before the wedding.

A day before the wedding, all the stuff needed should be ready including the wedding gown, the Chinese wedding kwa, the groom’s suit, the bridal car, decoration, wedding veils and accessories and. On the night before the wedding, good fortune women will conduct the hair combing ceremony. Some suggests that doing this tradition together appears to be a better idea than doing if the bride and groom do it separately in their respective homes.

And on the wedding day, it will be a long, eventful day filled with tradition, joys and of course spontaneity.

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