A Guide to Choosing a Hotel Banquet Package


In every wedding, along with deciding on a venue for the reception, choosing a hotel banquet package is crucial in ensuring a smooth-running celebration. Apart from the food, the decoration, ambiance, and the services included are the deciding factors in choosing the right deal.

So, if you’re one of those brides who has yet to decide on what wedding hotel banquet to get, we’ll walk you through the process of getting the right banquet package that will benefit your wedding the most.

Where to Start?

First things first. Determine the exact date of your wedding and the estimated number of guests so the venue coordinator can identify which bundle is right for you. Next, the budget comes next. Set a realistic budget by getting an estimated cost for every table from different hotels. Or view banquet packages pricelists from bridal websites, like Perfect Weddings, to see which Singapore hotels meet your qualifications.

What to Know?


After confirming that the venues you’re eyeing are available on your wedding date and can accommodate the size of your party, you can now start scrutinizing each hotel venue on your list. During the process, take note of the minimum number of guests and the prices of each package from each venue. Be aware that most hotels in Singapore require a minimum and maximum number of guests in every package they offer. Remember to pick a venue that can accommodate more than your initial estimate on the number of invitees because the guest list tends to lengthen as your wedding day draws near.

What Is Included?


So, you must be wondering, what items are typically included in a wedding hotel banquet package? Although banquet bundles differ from venue to venue, the most common items every wedding package offers include:

– Your own choice of theme and complementary décor
– An open bar with free flow of mixers, soft drinks, or tea
– Wedding invitations and guestbook
– Wedding cake
– Wedding favors
– Complimentary champagne and champagne pouring ceremony
– Free use of screen and projector
– Complimentary matrimonial room for one night stay with complimentary breakfast
– Valet parking

In addition, some hotels include a dinner rehearsal on the night before the wedding. Though some venues serve the full wedding meal, others may include only half of the menu.

How About Exchange or Addition of Items?


If you’re not happy with what’s offered to you, do not hesitate to ask for it. Do you want to swap your complimentary one night stay for a huge discount on the catering or for an open bar up until the party ends? Whatever wishes you have in mind, voice it out and see if it can be granted. However, be mindful as well that some wedding hotel banquet venues regulate strict no-exchange policy for their packages. While some items in the packages can be negotiated, the prices of most wedding bundles are strictly non-negotiable.

Finally, apart from the guide we mentioned above, pay a visit to your shortlisted Singapore hotels to personally know more about the packages they offer. Some hotels give great discounts and extra freebies when clients book with them well in advance.

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