Andrew and Meiling – A Public Proposal

For every lady who witnesses a public proposal made to a friend, secretly she wishes to be proposed to in that same way as well. To be the princess her knight in shining armour has desired for the longest time. For the men, carrying out a public proposal means months of detailed planning, all leading up to the big day. Expectations are high, after all, it’s the day when you ask her ‘Will you be mine’.

For Mei Ling, it was like any other day. This is her proposal story, told through her eyes.

~~~ That Special Day ~~~
Date: 29th Jan 2011
Venue: Takashimaya Civic Plaza
Time: 9pm
Weather: Rainy


“2 weeks prior to 29th January, I was told by Andrew that he would not be available due to a reunion dinner. I understood that I was not yet formally part of his family, so I made my own plans to meet up with my girl friends.

Halfway through the meeting, my friend’s husband Marshall, called, saying that he would like to join us. Throughout the outing, Andrew did not contact me at all. When Marshall finally arrived, he requested for us to meet him at Takashimaya, Civic Plaza. (The large space outside Takashimaya). Marshall was nowhere to be seen.

I saw a crowd standing outside Takashimaya. As it was raining, I thought those people might be waiting for the rain to stop. However, some of them were snapping away with their cameras or phones. I didn’t think much of it and thought there might be some interesting nice decorations outside and thus they were snapping away.

Marshall waved towards our direction, signaling us to walk to his side. At first I thought that he was signalling to his wife therefore I did not move. Suddenly he shouted “Meiling! Meiling!”. I got a shock, but still moved towards him.
When I walked to his side, he asked me to look infront. I was absolutely stunned! I saw Andrew standing in the middle, in the rain, holding two huge boards. 1 was held right up with both his hands and the other was hanging on his neck.
“Will You Marry Me?”
I was too shocked at that point of time. The person whom I thought should be at his relative’s house having dinner, appeared infront of me!
Andrew shouted loudly “Meiling, will you marry me?” A caucasian guy next to me happily asked me to say yes.
Still in awe at what was happening, I nodded my head and said yes. I walked towards Andrew; he was totally wet. I asked him why is he standing in the rain, and his words made tears stream down my face. Tears of joy, and tears of heartache from seeing him standing in the rain, all for me.

He kneeled down, proposed and put the ring on my finger. The crowd around us erupted into joyful clapping, showering their blessings.
It was then that I realised that he had stood in the rain for nearly 20 mins, and my friends had been aware of the plot all along, without my suspicion. Andrew touched my heart with his courageous, public proposal. From then on, we began a new journey together, the start of the rest of our lives. ”

Helix Bridge Wedding Photo

Meiling and Andrew

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