A Wedding Guide to Alcoholic Drinks

While the number of drinkers in Singapore may not be as high as that of in other countries, alcohol is widely seen by many people to be an essential component of a wedding celebration. Here is our guide to ordering and serving alcohol for your wedding reception.

beer sampler
Choosing your alcohol

The type of drink you order should depend on who will be attending your reception. Your safest options are champagne and beer as it is enjoyed by most people and are generally cheaper than other types of alcohol. However, wine will add class to your wedding reception and it goes better with food compared to bubbly drinks. If you are having guests who enjoy hard drinks, consider serving them with more potent drinks, such as vodka, gin or scotch.

The quantity of drinks

To know how much alcohol you need, know the number of guests you expect to drink and how long your reception will last. (On average, a person can drink one glass per hour.) You should also consider that your guests will not be consuming the same quantity as older people, men particularly, have a higher capacity and tolerance for alcohol. Another consideration is the time of your wedding: generally, more alcohol will be consumed if you’re holding your reception at dinnertime than in the morning or at lunchtime.

Saving on cost

Where you’re holding the reception is a big factor on how much you’ll have to pay for your alcohol. The best way to save on your alcohol bill is to hold your reception at a private location where you won’t have to pay for any corkage. If you are friends with an owner of a liquor or wine store (or know someone who are), you can also ask if you can get a discount from him. Know too that select restaurants in Singapore may give you a discount if you order your alcohol directly from them or from their supplier.

In hotels and clubs

Most hotels, clubs and restaurants in Singapore can provide an open bar, which has a complete variety of alcoholic beverages. But if you wish to serve specialty liqueurs like cognacs and aperitifs, inform the establishment ahead so that they can order it for you and place it on their display. (The same goes if you want to have a particular brand of wine, champagne or beer.) While this will be quite heavy on the pocket, it is an excellent way to give your guests a good and merry time at your reception. If you are bringing your own beverages, inform the management in advance and expect a hefty corkage add-on on your final bill. Have your best man check on how much drinks have been consumed every now and then to make sure that the total cost is still within your budget.

Serving a special drink

One of the wedding trends today is for the newlywed couple to serve signature cocktails. This could be an excellent way for you to extend their wedding theme and even impress their guests. Additionally, cocktail drinks don’t cost a lot while looking fancy, and it may be the perfect choice for a party that is mostly made up of non or moderate drinkers of alcohol. If you are having foreigner guests, you might consider serving a “Singapore Sling” or a variation of it, while another option is to serve Tiger beer, which is also fairly affordable and a hit for both locals and tourists alike.

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