Accessorizing Bridesmaid Dresses

Picking the right dress for your bridesmaids is just half the battle. In order to give them a complete look, you also need to get them the right accessories. Traditionally, Singapore brides give a set of jewelry to each of her bridesmaids as a gift for them to wear on the wedding day. However, other accessories, like pashminas, shoes, pins, and hair pieces are also great for highlighting your bridesmaids’ dress and style.


A simple dress can be transformed by just tying a sash around the waist area. In fact, many designers offer this as a part of the overall dress design. Add a thoughtful touch to distinguish your maid of honor from your bridesmaids by letting her wear a shawl while the rest of the maids wear sashes.



The latest trend in today’s Singapore bridesmaids is to use shoes for added color. For a guide in choosing the right color, use the color wheel. Decide whether you want complementing colors (colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel) or contrasting colors (colors that sit fronting each other on the color wheel).



Traditionally, brides give necklaces to the bridesmaids to be worn on the actual occasion. These necklaces are usually of the same style for uniformity, especially if the maids already have different dress styles and hairstyles. Sleeveless and tube dresses would look best when accessorized with necklace for an upbeat style of wedding or a simple strand of pearl for traditional weddings.


Incorporate the Theme

Another way to accessorize the bridesmaids is to incorporate small accessories with the theme. For instance, if your wedding is a vintage-inspired one, make use of flapper-like hair pieces. The flowers used for table centerpieces in the reception could be incorporated to your maids’ hairstyles as well.

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