Actual Wedding Day Lunch and Dinner Schedule

For couples who do not have a wedding planner for your Singapore wedding, the rough plan for a traditional Chinese wedding is as follows. Please note that this schedule is subject to change based on different needs as well as the auspicious hour.

Wedding Tea
530am: The bride’s family awakens and shares a meal. This is the last meal that the bride will have with the maiden family before she is married. This breakfast normally consists of rice, fish, meat, vegetables and a sweet dessert to wish the bride well in her next journey in life. Some Chinese families no longer follow this Singapore tradition or they do it later in the day after the bride has had her make-up so as to give her more time to sleep in.

6am: The mother of bride will comb the hair of the bride. After which, the bride will be dressed and the make-up sessions by a professional make-up artist and a hairstylist will start. The rest of the family will also start to dress up and prepare for the big day. By this time, the groom should also be awake and start dressing up.

7am: The groom and his band of brothers arrives. They have to make use of this precious time to decorate the car and prepare for the gate-crashing session! Photographer and videographer should arrive at either the bride’s house or the groom’s house as preferred by the couple. Bridesmaids are also supposed to arrive at the bride’s house, all ready to fulfill their duties.

720am: Parents of the bride will veil their daughter and share a quiet moment of reflection with her. This is the time for highly active tear glands to work! Bridesmaid, be sensitive and give time for them to be alone. After this, the ladies can and most probably will go on a photo taking frenzy! This is also the time for the groom to go fetch the bride.

745am: By this time, the groom should arrive at the bride’s house. This is usually followed by a battle between the sexes – the gate crashing session! While it is good to have some fun, sisters, do take note of the time. Finally, the hero will fetch his bride and bring her to his home.

845am: Arrival at the groom’s house. After formal greetings and cheers from everyone, it is time for the wedding ceremony. The bridal car should also leave to pick up the bride’s younger brother so as to prepare sending the bride home for tea ceremony. After the tea ceremony, the groom will unveil the bride and the bride will change her dress and prepare to go home.

10am: The bride and groom leave for the bride’s home upon the arrival of her brother.

1030am: Tea ceremony at the bride’s family’s to begin upon arrival of the bride.

1130am: If the couple will be holding a banquet lunch, this is the time to leave for the hotel. If the couple will be having a solemnisation or church wedding, this is also the time to leave for the respective locations. If they will do none of these, they could have lunch at the bride’s house.

1-4pm: The bride and groom can choose to do their outdoor shoot or visit to their new house or simply rest and relax if they do not have any activities going on such as church wedding or solemnisation.

430pm: The bride and groom leaves for the evening banquet venue. The bride will probably have to spend some time touching up her make up. This is also the time for the bride to catch some rest or shower after a long day and prepare for the final event of the day.

730pm: Cocktail reception/banquet starts. Groom and family members have to prepare as guests will start trickling in now. Be a good host and welcome them. The bridesmaids and groomsmen should help in ushering the guests and the collection of gifts.

11pm: Banquets ends

Finally, congratulations to the couple! You are a survivor of a long day! Have a wonderful wedding night! *winks*

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