Adrian and Kelly – ‘Yes, I Do’ at Raffles Town Club

Wedding planners Adrian and Kelly have planned, coordinated and hosted more than 250 weddings in the past 6 years. We sat down with Adrian to have him share some tips about wedding planning, and what HIS own wedding was like!

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Adrian Teng, M. Director / Wedding Planner
Kelly Ng, PA to MD

Wedding Date: 6th December 2009

Adrian and Kelly

So, Adrian, how did you plan for your wedding?

All the wedding services we engaged were ala carte. We did not take up a full bridal package from any of the bridal boutiques. Kelly’s wedding and evening gown were made-to-measure. We engaged a photographer for our pre-wedding photo-shoot, just renting the gowns out for the shoot. We actually had 3 photographers and 2 videographers following us on our actual day.

Due to the large number of guests we were inviting, we did not have many options. For our reception banquet, we needed 45 tables for 450 guests. Many hotels can only hold up to about 30 tables. And as what all couples are looking for, we are also looking for a pillar-less, high ceiling ballroom with a privatized reception area to hold our banquet.

Why did you choose Raffles Town Club as your wedding venue?

We finally decided on Raffles Town Club because of their high service level. They have a team of dedicated banquet and catering professionals who have a sharp eye for detail. Even though we are wedding planners, the staff at RTC did not leave the working out of the details to us but actually walked with us during the preparatory stage.



What was one special thing about your wedding?

We had a wedding “party” instead of a wedding banquet. The reception area and ballroom were decorated with balloons and balloon sculptures. We had magicians walking around the reception area entertaining the guests. Upon entering the ballroom, all ladies and kids were presented with a rose, with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate as the core. On top of the wedding favors provided by RTC, we had a small bottle of wine for each guests, tagged with our logo and thank you note.

We basically were our own emcees, introducing the event and the videos. We only had our other emcees on stage to march us in. Our coordinators were all on site to coordinate everything. We also had slips of paper on each table so our guests could dedicate songs they want to hear or to us from our live band.



We’re curious! How did you and Kelly meet?

In year 2000, I was working in a restaurant as a waiter during my school holidays. On one fateful day, a pretty lady arrived at the restaurant I was working at. The pretty lady, Kelly, went there to join her family for dinner. My restaurant colleagues encouraged me to get to know her, and thus I mustered up the courage to ask for her pager number. (Yes, we still used pagers in year 2000!) Kelly agreed, on the condition that I was not to give her number to anyone else. I happily agreed!

That night, we chatted on the phone and realized that we were actually living only two blocks away from each other. We started chatting everyday, and our relationship gradually blossomed. We started dating and from that day, 10 years have flown by!



How did you propose?

One day, I went to fetch Kelly and her family from the airport. I told her “There’s a surprise for you in the car. If you can find it, we’ll get married. If not, then I’ll give it to someone else” How sneaky!

After Kelly’s family alighted and went home, both of us went out to buy supper. Kelly looked at the back seat of the car, and saw a jewellery bag. She opened it up, and in it contains a glistening ring and a letter with the words “Will You Marry Me?”

When I came back into the car, Kelly said that my proposal without verbal request was not counted as a real proposal.

After parking the car, both of us got off. I got on my knees and said “Will You Marry Me?” with a bouquet of roses while presenting the ring to her. Of course, she said “Yes, I Do!” And from then on, we began our wedding planning!

Wedding Venue: Raffles Town Club

Venue Decorator/Wedding Planner/Entertainment: Corazon Events

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