Advantages of a Small, Intimate Wedding Reception

Before you launch into hiring a professional wedding coordinator, think about what you would consider a perfect wedding. If it involves an intimate affair that is not too costly and has a relaxed, romantic atmosphere, a small wedding reception sans coordinator might be for you. Here are the pros of such a wedding.


Relaxed and Laid Back

You will appreciate this advantage more if this is also your style as a couple. Your guests will also be more at ease since there’s a higher chance that all of them pretty much know each other. This lessens any possible tension or awkward situations that usually come from mere acquaintances.

When your guests are able to interact comfortably, they can enjoy themselves without you having to do so much to spur interaction among them. Your guests will also be more at ease in a laid back setting compared to a formal setting.

It’s Easier to Organize

Just as obvious as the cost, preparation for an intimate wedding is much easier to prepare and manage. It lets you focus on the details of your wedding, and spares you from logistical nightmares, arranging rentals, and dealing with different vendors. You can even DIY your entire wedding with some help from willing friends and family.


Since it is easier to prepare, it is also less stressful and thus more manageable. That means you won’t even have to hire a wedding planner – another subtraction to your wedding cost. We’re talking about less than a hundred guests so everything is doable if you have the creativity, time, and effort to spare.

You Can Attend to Your Guests Better

The last thing you want is for a dear friend or family to feel awful leaving your wedding because you didn’t even seem to notice that he or she was there. For your wedding to be memorable, not just for you as a couple but to your guests as well, everyone should leave with a smile on their faces, good food and wine in their stomachs, and happy thoughts of you in their minds.

Your guests will feel most welcomed if you will take the time to approach them at your reception, thank them for coming, give them a hug or a kiss, and then have a picture taken. Now that’s something you probably can’t do at a 300-guests-strong wedding.

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